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For God's Sake-stop romney!

I don't care who you are pulling for (I assume everyone is for RP) but there is no way you can elect Romney as the GOP candidate. Stop him at all cost. Focus fire on him!

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They're only for Romney because they think he can "best beat obama".

So Ron Paul needs to focus on that.

Ron needs to focus his answers on how he's right because he's a strict constitutionalist, while Obama has violated his oath and it's led to disastrous results.

It's much more important that

It's much more important that we spend our time, energy and resources being pro Ron Paul rather than anti Romney.

Don't lose focus.

Ron Paul 2012!!!


I think

we have time to do both.

At least spread his bs around the net when you're commenting. I'd do the whole top line up. People need reminding of their issues with flip flopping.

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