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Ron Paul interviewed by News 4 KRNV Reno (part 2) 10/26/'11

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It is sad that it's amazing to hear a

journalist trying to broadcast truth and understanding rather than smarmy or sensationalist gotchas and simplistic, distorted sound bites that only continue voter confusion.

These are just marvelous

Sounds like two old friends just talking. LOTS of time for RP to expand on his positions and agreement from the interviewer. What a breath of fresh air!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Does Ron Paul go there every day?

Or is it all shot in row but they say let's talk about this and that tomorrow for the sake of the audience?

All shot at the same time...

Then aired on different days.

If you liked this interview,

You might consider sending an email of thanks to the station.
The owner's name is Jim Rogers and he did the interview. I don't have his direct contact info, but I do have ones for the people who run the station:

Mary Beth Sewald, KNRV General Manager: msewald@MyNews4.com

Matt McConico, KNRV News Director: mmcconico@MyNews4.com

After sending my email I received a nice response

from the News Director of KNRV, Mr. Matt McConico. He thanked me very much for writing about Ron Paul's interview. It was not an auto reply, but personally written.

Just goes to show that local news is different from the big networks. Even though they are still an NBC affiliate, they get to make their own decisions and are much more in touch with local sentiment.

great interview. Seems like,

great interview. Seems like, being that the interviewer was older, and lived through a lot of the same events that Paul did, he understood where Paul was coming from.

Where is part 1?

Where is part 1?

Formerly rprevolutionist

it is linked right above the YT link (above)


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What a smart interviewer

So refreshing that a station owner seems to "get" our guy.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/



Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.