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Ron Paul pro-life legislation (help please!)

I'm trying to compile an exhaustive list of all anti-abortion legislation that Paul has cosponsored, introduced or voted for during his entire congressional career ('70's-present). I can only find the Sanctity of Life Act from 2005, and the We The People Act more recently. Surely he was involved in anti-abortion legislation before 2005! Any old records anywhere? Specific names or titles of bills with year is what I am looking for. Thanks in advance.

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hypocrite republicans

you probably won't find too many examples of him cosponsoring or introducing legislation on this issue because the Sanctity of Life Act alone, if it were passed, would accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished at the federal level. i assume he has not consponsored bills introduced by other memebers of congress because there simply hasn't been any that are worthy of supporting. you know, even when the hypocrite republicans had control of both houses of congress AND the white house, absolutely nothing was done for the pro-life cause. very few republican congress critters are truely pro-life as they pretend to be. only ron paul and maybe a very few others have any credibility at all in their claim to be pro-life. to prove this point, just look at the popularity of flipper romney who has a terrible record on the life issue, vs. the hatred for ron paul that is displayed by the hypocrite pseudoconservatives of the mainstream republican establishment. also consider how few cosponsors dr. paul was able to find for his Sanctity of Life Act. consider the fact that phoney pro-lifer pat robertson endorsed the vile and disgusting pro-abort rudy julie-annie in 2008. ron paul virtually stands alone as a true pro-lifer in congress. he knows introducing addition pro-life legislation will not be receive well in washington.


He introduced it many years... 2005, 2007, 2009

From Wiki: "The first Paul bill, H.R. 776, was introduced on February 10, 2005, and again referred to the Judiciary committee, which referred it to the Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property on April 4, 2005. It had five cosponsors.
On February 15, 2007, Paul reintroduced the Act in the 110th Congress, with four cosponsors; he reintroduced another version with the same name on June 6, 2007, with five cosponsors. The bills, H.R. 1094 and H.R. 2597, were referred to the Judiciary committee. The committee referred the first bill to the Subcommittee on the Constitution on March 19, 2007, and the second bill to the Subcommittee on Courts on July 16, 2007; both bills expired in subcommittee.
In 2009, Paul reintroduced another version of the bill H.R. 2533 which has one cosponsor.
[edit]Pro-life advocacy

Paul's reintroduction of the bill was widely seen as direct pro-life action in Congress as opposed to ordinary political claims.[5] It was introduced the same year as the We the People Act, which would have removed “any claim based upon the right of privacy, including any such claim related to any issue of ... reproduction” from federal court jurisdiction. After neither bill passed the 109th Congress, the GayWired internet portal criticized Paul's legislation, saying that "the woman bearing the fetus is also an individual whose rights seem less important to Paul than those of the fetus or the state government."[6]
Paul spoke passionately about his pro-life position, which includes his introduction of the Sanctity of Life Act, while campaigning for U.S. president in 2007, such as in Lawton, Iowa.[7] Paul Dorr of nearby Ocheyedan became Paul's Iowa campaign field coordinator because of Paul's strong pro-life stance, stating that unlike other Republicans, Paul does not abandon his position while in office; Paul's sponsorship of the Sanctity of Life Act was immediately cited.[8]
When Paul mentioned the legislation in a personal "Statement of Faith",[9] CBN News White House correspondent David Brody noted that Paul was an exception to the pattern of the 2008 Republican candidates for president not engaging in "God talk".[10] The California Catholic Daily also cited Paul as "abortion's 'unshakeable foe'" with the Act as evidence.[11]
On January 22, 2008, the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe"), now a pro-life activist, endorsed Paul for president based on his authorship of the Sanctity of Life Act and the We the People Act.[12]