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Hey guys, I need help with (insert topic here)

Anybody else notice the influx of such posts?

Ask yourself, as I did, why people would get themselves into the situation where they need to go to DP to get answers.

Seriously: Why start a p*ssing contest if you don't already have the biggest stream?

I'm not calling these posters "trolls", but it bugs the hell out of me to see so many. It's like... "I love Ron Paul, but I can't defend a single position he holds."


It just seems odd.


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What do you suggest as a better place for newbs to ask questions about concepts they are struggling with?

Sure, SOME of them are trolls but many are not. Be careful and do not make sincere people afraid to ask questions as they are confusedly exiting the Matrix.

I can't think of better place for newbs to ask questions than DP. Yeah, they'll get some goofy responses sometimes but that's just the way the world is. Newbs need to learn how to handle goofy responses. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


Those are my favorite threads.

Thank You

Very good posts.

Honestly, you made me proud to be a member of this community.

I still feel the same about my OP, but I love seeing the sincerity that makes the DP the greatest Ron Paul site on the internet.

If there really is a monster beneath my bed, that doesn't make me paranoid, does it?

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

I guess

some people are as not internet savy as most. My mother would be asking for help. If my mother had a great idea for a Ron paul poster, she would ask me for help. The more help I can give the better.

Have you ever taken a

Have you ever taken a psychedelic drug and had an epiphany, knowing somehow that you had discovered the entire meaning of life, only to forget it all when the drug wore off? Hearing the truth about a very complicated federal reserve system and the free market solutions can have the same effect. When you hear it, as you hear it, you know it is true. Repeating it however, for the novice, can be nearly impossible. I think what you may be hearing are new, enthusiastic acolytes who just need some assistance. Try patience.

I'd love to answer that...

Instead, I'll just say that you're right.



(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

No one person

is an expert in all areas.

Dr. Paul is not a typical politician. Some of his ideas challenge much of the foundation American society has lived on for decades. This includes both social and economic topics.

Economics is not an easy subject to comprehend, let alone feel confident enough to theorize about or explain. Nobel Prizes are awarded for this field.

Ideas about interpreting the Constitution and liberty challenge politically sensitive topics, such as the issue of states rights and how that played out in the Civil War.

This forum has smart people from varied backgrounds, some who can debate well, or others that simply have a better command of certain facts. It's often useful to tap into that.

As Dr. Paul becomes more mainstream his ideas will be challenged more thoroughly, and by tougher opposition.

Agreed... But...

If a person can't defend his position with what he already knows... what makes you think they know anything? I certainly wouldn't take on Big Government if the only thing I knew was "Ron Paul!"

This is NOT a put-down to anybody who requests help. I was seriously curious if anybody else noticed that there have been a TON of similar "Please Help" posts. And they're not "Please help me understand" posts... but "Please help me defend myself" posts. You don't think that's odd?

Bottom Line: I don't like people telling other people what to say. And I think that's what those posts are asking for.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

No I don't think

it's odd.

Some people are better at articulating things in a more clear and concise manner, or choosing what point(s) to emphasize, or angle of attack etc. As a matter of fact recently there was a thread here suggesting what Ron Paul himself should say in debates. (he appeared to use one about national guards being in Iraq, not here defending our borders)

A person can then take all suggestions and choose what they want to use or not.

I don't see anything wrong with that at all.