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Ron Paul Supporters having an effect at Occupy Wall Street: Est. Socialist front group says Ron Paul Supporters not welcome

UPDATE: I thought I was at the dailypaul not the breitbart teabagger express.

If you are here on DP just to leave snarky comments about "the libs" and feel cool and superior, cause they're dumb and ignorant and you've found the way.. seriously fuck off with your 'my team' group think cliquey garbage. It's an affront to everything Ron Paul stands for and it's an affront to libertarianism and it's an embarrassment that you support Ron Paul, but don't even apply the philosophies to your own life.

but if you are here because you think the that freedom and liberty are worth your time honor and treasure, than you never let an opportunity pass to fight for it. Especially when your enemy lets you so boldly know that your message is being effective.

If Peter Schiff can go down and win them over, so can you.


It's not just the case that political campaigns like Ron Paul's have no place in a movement that's independent of the two parties. Some ideas are actually counterproductive--because they are in disagreement with building a movement committed to opposing Wall Street greed.

Ideas like those espoused by Ron Paul and his libertarian supporters, such as opposition to government social programs, are the opposite of what the Occupy movement is about. We need more taxes on the rich and corporations,

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Gives The Constitution A Voice

At 9 AM on Saturday, October 8, I was tuned into CNN, broadcasting from Atlanta. The Host was interviewing three young people who had participated in "Occupy Atlanta" the day before. One was a 26 year old female veteran back from the hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan and enrolled in College. The other two were males in their 20's who were employed.

The host asked what the Occupy movement was all about. The young people said, "We want to fix the system."

The host asked how the system could be fixed. The young people struggled to find an answer but had none. Eventually they suggested more people should vote.

I turned to Judy, my wife, saying, "That's it. I'm going down there. These folks need to know about the Constitution and how it can solve their grievances." Four hours later, we were in New York City. I had a thought to find a meeting room somewhere near to the protests so I could talk about Liberty and the Constitution to whomever might come. Research uncovered a new community center two blocks away called Charlotte's Place." We were able to make contact with and then meet with the director in between visits to the Park who agreed to give us time to meet there with interested people.

As we walked among the protestors, we observed many who were clean-cut, bright eyed as they moved throughout the crowd open to exchanging ideas with strangers.

I noticed a table with a homemade sign, "INFO." I approached and asked, "How can I conduct a teach-in on the State and Federal Constitutions? The young man said, "Start a Working Group." I asked, "How do I do that." He said, "Announce it." I asked, "How." He said, "Get up on a bench and yell, 'Mic Check.'" That will get the attention of the People."

I did just that. The People turned their attention to me and began to repeat, in waves, every few words I said. I announced I was starting a Constitution Working Group, that the Constitution can be used to control the Bankers, the Corporations and the Politicians, end undeclared wars, end Bailouts, end the Fed and end our debt-based, fiat currency. Each part of the message was repeated two or three times as the crowds carried the words and energy back to others farther away. I announced the first meeting of the State and Federal Constitution Working Group would be at 6 PM on the steps at the east end of the Plaza.

Cheers were heard and People raised both hands, pointing all their (wiggling) fingers upwards. I learned later that was a hand signal expressing approval.

Before I could descend from the bench, 20-25 people surrounded me, some asking questions. What became clear to me was they knew little to nothing about the content, history, meaning, effect and significance of any provision of their State and Federal Constitutions. I lectured from the park bench for more than 30 minutes, before someone else from a distance yelled, "Mic Check," drawing attention to the new speaker.

Before my 6 PM meeting I learned OWS had a General Assembly (GA) meeting every evening about 7 PM, run by a group of "facilitators."

At the 6 PM meeting people signed up to be on the Constitution Working Group, providing their names and email addresses.

Before the start of the GA, I engaged in a loud conversation with a student from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York about his grievances and the Constitution. He started out expressing his anger at the greed and corruption on Wall Street, Again, dozens of young People, apparently genuinely eager to learn, gathered around to listen to the conversation.

After more mingling, I did another "Mic Check," announcing there would be a meeting of the State and Federal Constitution Working Group on Wednesday at Charlotte's Place and those who would like to be on the Working Group should meet me on the Steps. More people signed up, bringing the total to 29, including two attorneys (one of whom is a professor of Financial Law at Cornell and under contract to teach Financial Regulations to folks at the New York Federal Reserve (ponder this for a moment), a young veteran combat photographer, another young veteran, a high school math teacher, a full time student at PACE U., and so on. Again I was impressed at the level of intelligence and sincerity of the people who were there.

On Wednesday, eight of the 29 met (we have since learned it is difficult to schedule meetings when all can meet, given the diversity of everyone's professions and occupations).

A consensus was reached regarding a simple, one or two word definition of the overriding grievances of OWS: Money, Debt, Bailouts, Federal Reserve, Corporate Personhood and the (Undeclared) Wars.

There was a discussion of the five Rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, with emphasis on the meaning of the fifth: the Right to Petition for Redress. Packets of study materials were distributed including copies of the State and Federal Constitutions, the Articles of Freedom, WTP's "Interpretation of the Meaning of the Right to Petition Government for Redress of Grievances," the lawsuit filed by me in 2008 against the AIG bailout, the lawsuit filed by me in 2008 against the $700 billion bailout of the financial industry, We the People of New York, Inc.'s Certificate of Incorporation and the pamphlet written by Benedict D. LaRosa, "Democracy or Republic, Which Is It?"

Since then, we have had two more meetings in NYC and one Webinar. Judith Whitmore has joined me in this effort. Thus far, an agreement has been reached on the Beliefs of the State and Federal Constitution Working Group as follows:

All People have Natural Rights -- Simply Because They Are Alive.

We the People have Instituted Government to Secure our Rights.

According to our Governing Documents, Sovereignty rests with the People.

The Constitution & Declaration of Independence are inextricably intertwined.

Every Principle, Prohibition, Restriction and Mandate of our Governing Documents represents a Guaranteed, Individual Right.

The People are the Source of All Political Power
(after all no one gets into office unless we put them there).

All Elected Officials are limited by our written Constitutions
(if not authorized in writing, such acts are unlawful).

The Constitution is not a Menu.

The Constitution cannot Defend Itself.

Individuals and Small Groups cannot prevail in attempts to hold government accountable to their State and Federal Constitutions.

A Critical Mass is needed, say 3-5% of population.

Very few in and out of public office can recognize when government is obeying or violating the Constitution.

The way our system of governance is working is in sharp contrast to the way it is designed to work.

We don't change the Constitution by ignoring it; There are provisions within it to make changes.

All that is happening is our fault; the People have allowed it to happen.

The People have always had the ultimate power in our society and have always been the final arbiters of constitutionality.

Most of what is causing our National distress NOW can be traced back to violations of the Constitution.

The next step, before next Monday's Webinar is to prepare drafts of Petitions for Redress which will include Instructions to the President and Congress to Remedy the agreed upon Grievances, each involving a violation of the Constitution: Money, Debt, Bailouts, Federal Reserve, Corporate Personhood and Undeclared Wars.

Once a consensus is reached on an Instruction, it will be forwarded to the OWS facilitators and announced at Liberty Plaza following a "Mic Check." If there are enough people who support the Petitions/Instructions, this is a peaceful legal way that the "99%" and the Constitution can be heard.

From those I have talked to or heard from, there has been real relief expressed that someone is pointing the way back to the Constitution. However, there are different viewpoints on who is back of OWS; what its real purpose is; what is going to take place because of it.

IMHO, the OWS may morph into a more formal, national organization something like our Constitution Lobby, albeit possibly without incorporating. The danger is it may be co-opted by a person(s) with an agenda contrary to that of the Constitution Lobby. With that in mind it will be interesting to see how much respect the Constitution Working Group actually receives from the powers behind OWS, whoever they are.

I will continue until the Constitution is back as the main-frame for America and our Nation is back on track.

Bob Schulz,
Founder, We The People

Michael Moore confesses: I am the 1 percent

"Anti-capitalist film director Michael Moore has drawn fire in recent days for standing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters while failing to acknowledge that he is part of the “1 percent,” not the 99 percent.

Now the director of “Capitalism: A Love Story” and other documentaries has come clean and admitted that he is indeed among the nation’s wealthiest citizens, but without providing details of just how rich he is.

In a post titled “Life Among the 1%” on his blog “Open Mike,” Moore recalls how he made his first millions when he sold the distribution rights to his 1989 breakthrough hit “Roger & Me.”

At the time of his $3 million windfall, Moore says he was just getting by on unemployment payments of $98 a week.

So what did he do with his newfound wealth? Moore says he “proudly” paid nearly $1 million in taxes, used $1 million to establish a charitable foundation and spent the other $1 million on a new car, payments on a New York City apartment and more donations, including helping to rebuild a church that had been burned down in his hometown of Flint, Mich..."

full article and video: http://bottomline.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/10/28/8522718-mic...

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

Just remember. we must be careful not

to further the corporate media's claim that the portesters are there because they hate rich people and want their money. That is absurd and false.
"When you take into consideration all the theft and fraud and market manipulation and other evil shit Wall Street bankers have been guilty of in the last ten-fifteen years, you have to have balls like church bells to trot out a propaganda line that says the protesters are just jealous of their hard-earned money." http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/owss-bee...

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

I cruised by OWS FB CA yesterday in my Ron Paulmobile

Our local paper came out Thurs with lots of letters about OWS and an invitation to protest at BoA and Chase Banks. The soultion for now, was to move investments in the banks to the local credit union, where I've had an account since coming to DP. I decided to go to the CU since Halloween weekend and the end of the month was coming up. To do this, I need to pass up the banks and then make a "u" turn a block east. I did not remember that OWS was happening, so it was serindepity/kismet, that I should happen to 25MPH speed limit cruise past the OWS in my Ron Paul for president mobil. It has Ron Paul's smiling face happily looking from the back window. Some of them dropped their mouths when they saw me passing by. I park by the CU and to my suprize, here came a few of them to join the CU and I'm parked out front LOL! It was really a special moment that only a movie could plan. I can hardly wait for next friday ;)) REPUBLICAN RON PAUL 2012 Either you are for the Republic or for UN global empire, JOIN THE GOP TODAY!

We are helping drive the debate in the right direction

Schiff's visit to OWS is getting a lot of media attention.


I'm at both my local occupy's almost daily trying to spread the word. It's hard talking to people because of what their being fed by the media and government. Especially living in California, you have the greatest majority of egocentric liberals who are mostly pro socialism. Every time i go, i find some people who agree with me in the end or who are at least willing to look into certain information. Going to your occupy wont hurt just help!

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

Mark Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh

These guys daily criticize, mock and label the Occupy movement. If that isn't enough to let you know that a full scale attempt at division isn't going on then you probably think that they have given Ron Paul a fair shot as well.

The Occupy movement is not a lot different than the R3volution with the exception that they don't have a figure like Ron Paul that has figured most things out for them already, instead they are already being duped by those who would co-opt that movement, just like many of the TeaPartiers got duped. So our job is to undupe them.

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both

I Like ....

... this post.

This whole thread is excellent. It's heartening to see the number of DPers who get it.


the enemy, of my enemy,

is my friend.

nuff said.

ownthenwo, you do realize that Occupy is not socialist,

right? There are some individuals that like socialism there. They are NOT Occupy. There are also anarchists, Ron Paul supporters, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, etc. Occupy is simply an opportunity for Americans to meet and discuss the corruption that has infested the ruling class. Labelling Occupy "socialist" serves the ruling class and helps them ONCE AGAIN to divide and conquer the American public.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

Try reading the thread

You'd realize that I understand that but there seems to be a strong contingent of Ron Paul "supporters" who don't even want to hear it.

great thread

I hope it gets bumped over and over.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

LOL @ phony cowards voting down but not commenting

peter schiff Ron's former economic adviser is willing to go down and invest some time in these people and I get voted down for goading you to do the same?

Who are you people? You aren't ron paul supporters, you are Ron Paul observers, and Ron Paul armchair warriors.

If you can count on your hands the amount of people you've turned on to Ron Paul and libertarianism, you are doing it wrong!

If you ask yourself what am I doing to help spread the message of liberty and you don't have a solid answer, you need to take a good long hard look at yourself and ask "what the fuck am I even doing here"


to this man/woman.


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Plus one

: )

Bumping your own thread

by commenting on it violates the DP site rules, and will get you banned.

Stop doing it.

Despite This Somewhat Authoritarian Comment ...

... I know you don't like authoritarians. There are many anti-authoritarians among the extremes of the left progressives, as well.

I find more in common with them, and find them more reachable ... And certainly less of a threat, than the authoritarian left, right and center.

Consider the center is a bigger problem:


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Of course posters can dialogue with people

interested in the thread. Often that adds additional information, clarifies, and serves the purpose of the forum. Bumping empty of content is what you are speaking of.

Well then get me banned Farva

I created a bot that sends Ron Paul quotes in tweets 24/7. What have you done to spread the message of liberty lately?

Nice work

Nice work

"A man who kills on his own is a murderer. A man who kills at his government's request is a national hero."
- Ramman Kenoun

thanks bigDaddy.

It's always nice to have the class suck-up around :) Keep everybody within the "rules".

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

Count on your hands

I agree with the part about Certain Ron Paul supporters probably Should Occupy the Occupy and get the message out to them. Not all who have found Dr. Paul are cut from the same cloth though. Some are better at some things than others.

The thing about counting on your hands the amount of people though... Sometimes people will Never admit the seeds you planted grew. They'll argue with you and argue with you and only Sometimes, will you encounter them years later, sounding like you. I've no clue how many people I've influenced. If I think I've convinced maybe 3, the number might just be 3,000. If in my pride I'm sure I've convinced 3,000, I may have only made sense to 3.

Are you Registered as an (R) and are you going to be a delegate? If you've been working on That, for the past 4 years, there's a good chance people know you enough you might just get elected to the Electoral College like the guy sitting next to me at the State Convention eventually did. To me, that's more important than talking to OWS. All in my opinion. Is this a good time for a "WAHOR"?

Let me clarify

I'm not saying everyone needs to be an activist in the same way, but sitting on DP and downvoting comments because they challenge you and make you unconformable is not one of them.

Thanks to all who are in the streets

It is the first time neighbors have interacted face to face in decades, it seems to me.
There is a "Free Bazaar" here Saturday, I am going to try to get there but have a lot on my plate at the moment. I don't think Boise is going to actually "Occupy" anything, as near as I can tell, but maybe they will get around to it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

How many on this forum are of the "1%", and who exactly are..

..the "1%", in your view?

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

The 1%, although they are probably

actually less than 1%....can also be called...Illuminati

I think it's an innacurate slogan

It really is more like WE ARE THE 99.99% because the criminal banking class is only a few thousand people globally.

Did you see Brzezinsky calling for a list?

He wants to see those nasty 1% names on a list... Like an old man checking the obituaries to see if he is in them! lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

go schieff

fighting the misinformed people must be frustrating and stressful i gotta hand it to schieff.
that's our target thou misinformed people there are alot of them so if people see one don't be afraid to inform them of the truths.

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is a dream and we are the imaginations of ourselves. "

Bill Hicks