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Ron Paul Supporters having an effect at Occupy Wall Street: Est. Socialist front group says Ron Paul Supporters not welcome

UPDATE: I thought I was at the dailypaul not the breitbart teabagger express.

If you are here on DP just to leave snarky comments about "the libs" and feel cool and superior, cause they're dumb and ignorant and you've found the way.. seriously fuck off with your 'my team' group think cliquey garbage. It's an affront to everything Ron Paul stands for and it's an affront to libertarianism and it's an embarrassment that you support Ron Paul, but don't even apply the philosophies to your own life.

but if you are here because you think the that freedom and liberty are worth your time honor and treasure, than you never let an opportunity pass to fight for it. Especially when your enemy lets you so boldly know that your message is being effective.

If Peter Schiff can go down and win them over, so can you.


It's not just the case that political campaigns like Ron Paul's have no place in a movement that's independent of the two parties. Some ideas are actually counterproductive--because they are in disagreement with building a movement committed to opposing Wall Street greed.

Ideas like those espoused by Ron Paul and his libertarian supporters, such as opposition to government social programs, are the opposite of what the Occupy movement is about. We need more taxes on the rich and corporations,

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Like I said we

should set up an occupy just for libs. Also this is why we should get rid of college incentives to teach falsified liberal arts, they are turning these kids into commies.


What we need is more of us down there, did you know peter schiff went down to OWS with a giant sign that said "I'm the 1% lest talk" and was winning them over?

Do you not realize that many of those people are political neophytes who are lost and looking for direction, by handing them over to the establishment without a fight is sad and pathetic.


and whoever downvoted this, probably the person I responded to is an embarrassment to themselves and to this forum.

actually I upvoted it

don't be paranoid. Sometime people may disagree with you on here.

The problem with starting

The problem with starting fires is not knowing what will get burned. These communists are threatened by the Ron Paul Revolution. They should not feel bad. They are not the first or the last to be swept up.


I'm gettin a lil nervous for captain midnite and his group down there... prayin

It would really depend where the occupy protest is

You go to areas that are Ron Paul hotbeds and you are going to have a decent percentage of the whole group be supporters. I even heard a rumor about an occupy somewhere down south where the whole occupation group was Ron Paul supporters.