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Occupy the Hood Aims to Bring More Minorities Into the Occupy Wall Street Fold

Occupy Wall Street wants to represent the "99 percent." But if you've been down to observe the goings-on at Zuccotti Park, you'll have noticed that the majority of participants are white, which -- at the risk of sounding obvious! -- does not represent 99 percent of the U.S. population. Now, labor unions are in on the act repping more working-class minorities, but that isn't reflected in the makeup of the Zuccotti campers.

In response to OWS's crunchy white image, two activist friends based in Detroit and New York have started a sub-movement called Occupy the Hood, which is focused on bringing minorities into the protest. On Facebook, the group's page reads:

We are The Least Represented We are Among The Ignored We are Among The Unemployed We are Considered The Under Educated We are Considered The Minority We are The Consumers But most importantly WE ARE THE HOOD!!

The neighborHOODs is where the hearts of the people are. Our homes, our parks, our selves. It is in our best interest to have all abled voices heard to bring forth a peaceful solution in this world we have been given. There are millions of people that are effected by the Wall Street crisis. The questionable, unethical activities downtown Manhattan... and in Corporate America directly effects our economic struggles and the future of all business and personal endeavors.