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"Ron Paul Surging" Internet Blitz (INTRADE?)

We have an army of people that know the revolution will not be won through main stream media. So why play by their games. Ron Paul has been surging in Iowa yet no one will say that. So lets start a RON PAUL IS SURGING alternative media blitz. Emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc..............? Blitz drudge,start google trend, We also need to hit INTRADE. Can we raise money and starting bidding him up on intrade?

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Using the internet is fine but

we have to also focus on "old school" techniques to reach the voters that are not as plugged in as we are. An easy way to accomplish reaching out to voters besides face to face is to carry slim jims on Dr. Paul's positions and leave them in places where people come across other reading material. I've left them with magazines in doctor's offices, the reading racks of the emergency room, at supermarkets with the free local flyers/publications, on counters in department stores and tables in the mall food court. Sure they might get tossed eventually, but outside of putting them under windshield wipers in the parking lot (which may be illegal where you live), it is another way of spreading the message outside of the internet.

So here is the opinon of one from the older generation-

U.S. civics - Ron Paul's constitutional stand was required course before graduation and the only way out of high school which meant it was important then for us to understand our government. Many of us know about the Gulf of Tonkin event and that is was not complete truth just a way to ramp up the war. We lost 55,000 from our generation needless to say a U.N. run operation with no clear strategy. And both sides funded by the same bankers. So these are Ron Paul's strenghts I hope it might help.

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with respect, john...

you argument is like someone in the past saying,

"the phone is fine but we still need to send this out over telegraph wire using morse code to make sure we get everybody"

its true, you are right...but, all i am saying is lets focuse our VAST energies where they cover the most ground

rest assured, with the internet, everyone will be GOT!

twitter, facebook, email, blog...now IS the time

remember, my friends, we ALL have COMMON GROUND!

find that CG and lets save this country!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Agree see my post below yours. Is there any short DVD that can be given to people to watch. Flyer is good but a video is so much more powerful. Dr Paul is so sincere and not politician like that when people see him they get the message.

We Need to Go After the Over 50s

As we know Paul is doing very well with the under 50 years age group.
We need to get the support of the older generation.
Wy don't we start a pledge to get out an info pack to 5 over 50 years young person. And ask those who become a supporter as a result to do the same thing. That way we could get to a large number of people. It does't mean we don't do online education but that is where we fall short and we relying on TV commercialls.
Lately more and more people are posting in different blogs that they started to look at dr Paul more seriously and as a result they endorsing him now.
In marketing they say that on an average people need 7 exposure to buy something. So we need to get to these people again and again (without become annoying)

but should we focus on over 50"s?

While agree it is always good to go after anyone who will listen, the older crowd is often set in their ways and tougher to reach unless they are on the internet. I think we need to remember we only need to get to 20% to become viable and have momentum. That need to be the first priority. We need to get more of the low hanging fruit that we can influence. The younger crowd is willing to listen, their parents will follow!

I have started

To Notice that some of the media stations are trying to become a little more neutral "just in case" because they know they are going down when we win because we will not stand for the way they have conducted themselves.


I also agree that we have to go unconventional, but as an active trader in Intrade, I have to warn against trying to manipulate the market to make a candidate look like he has a chance. With one unsuccessful exception (google John McCain Intrade) the markets are very hard to manipulate and any effort to bid up a candidate will only last a day or two unless very large sums of money are involved. Without going into too much detail, there are mechanisms in place where if one candidate is overpriced the other traders can short the rest of the field and make a small profit (1-20 cents) on every ten dollar share of Ron Paul that is too high.
One interesting idea however, if you are unable to max your donation, currently you can spend twenty to twenty five cents to win ten dollars Paul to win the Rep. nomination. So if you wanted to donate $2500 when he wins the nomination, you can make a $50 investment today to have the money when he wins.
One last note, based on the discrepancy between the price for Paul to win the Rep. Nomination and the Presidency, the markets are saying if Paul is to become president it is slightly more likely(~54%) that he would do it as a third party than as a Republican.
Feel free to send me a note if you want to know the math behind this or anything else about Intrade.

thanks for the insight

Thank you for your insight, I am an active trader but didn't understand how the intrade thing worked. as far as the coordinated alternative media effort is concerned I really think thats where we need to focus. How many of us are on our laptops at night wishing we could do more. I guarantee there are very few Romney fans that will turn off dancing with the stars to get a message out. But we need to have a collective effort like the success of the money bombs. We need to target twitter topics that ARE NOT being followed by ron paul fans. People who are on our team arnt leaving, we need to bomb those on the fence. Polls are showing most people who answer the polls do not have conviction in their response, they are looking for a reason to change. If Cain can surge Paul can surge, and keep his base!

Intrade got very very lucky

As they predicted Michele Bachman to win the Iowa straw poll. They predicted a 70% likely hood of this occuring when she won by less then 1% . Had Paul won someone would have made alot of money.


If you checked intrade the day off and I believe even the day before ron was ahead of her for a bit of time!


none of us has any say in what the MSM does anyway. i guess your point is that we can NEVER expect that to happen, which i completely agree with. even our fundraising and polls wins get very little notice. flipper romney, vermin cain, and trick perry get endless free publicity and promotion from the MSM which makes our whole election process extremely unfair. you could even say our election process in this country is a farce at best. that's how the republicrats have maintain their monopoly on political power for so long. just try even getting on the ballot as a candidate of the libertarian or constitution parties.


While thats already the plan

While thats already the plan but we could step it up a notch I think, I do google, email, drudge and Intrade already but if there was a coordinated effort I would triple my Intrade positions no problem.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

"why play by their games"

I agree with you 100 million percent.

Do it WITHOUT the MSM.

Until they shut down the airwaves...

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