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Controlled Opposition

As I watched Cavuto last night, I almost fell over when he introduced a piece reagrding Cain surging in the National Polls. Huh?

I am convinced Cain is controlled opposition to ensure an Obama win. The media is 100% compliant and the masses are following along.


*He has lied.
*He has flip-flopped.
*His ads are not only weird, they are a complete insult to one's intelligene.
*In Cavuto's piece they showed Cain wearing a wide-brimmed pimp hat (I am not trying to dis the guy's clothes, that's what he was wearing).

Leading in the National Polls? I am beginning to wonder if these polls actually exist.

TPTB must be having a good belly-laugh at the gullability of the masses. But perhaps they didn't anticipate those of us who refuse to embrace their lies.

Any one else come to this conclusion?

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feel free to add to the above list...I don't think the guy is even serious about running and yet...leading in the National Polls.

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