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Drudge: Peter Schiff takes on OWS protesters

"I employ 150 people. How many do you employ?"

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Yeah that was yanking me to the edge of my chair as well...I was just thinking....SHUTTHEHELLUPLADY!

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Long Version

They DO need to be taught why they are where they are, though.

They still think changes in the tax code will solve our current problems. Clearly they have no idea the amount of debt that is swirling around out there an why.

Teach them about the fractional banking system and how it is no one they elect has anything to do with the monetization of credit...Let them chew on that for a while.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Weird...what's Jude Law doing

Weird...what's Jude Law doing there on the thumbnail? He seems interested in what Schiff has to say though...

Fair share

It is surprising to see Schiff is bending to that marxist slang.What is fair, is not distribution of material wealth, but common trust in faith,humility and respect.

This is a better SCHIFF video


He educates the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd in this video. Also, there are more videos on the right of the page. Enjoy!

Oh and in this video, you can hear someone say, "Sounds like a Ron Paul supporter." Hahaha!
http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17999453 (The Ron Paul line is at 1min 59sec)

Stellar Exchange

Superb discussion below, aptly on this fine thread promoting constructive engagement in the public debate.

Bravo !

Schiff's a Master of Communication

Peter's a master of impromptu communication. He really enjoys confrontational situations because he's actually pondered the correctness of his positions. We need him in politics ...

Blech...what a waste that

Blech...what a waste that would be. No one would ever hear from him again. We need him standing up right where he is.

My favorite part is when

My favorite part is when nobody can give him a percentage of what his "fair share" should be. Another favorite is when he asked the woman how many people she employs.

Extended footage here


Schiff spits truth to the misguided masses

EDIT: Sorry! I mistakenly gave Schiff a curious misspelling of his name. Corrected now. Please don't disregard my post!

I think Schiff is great

I also think he mistakenly played into the polarization of the "99% vs. 1%"

I watched the longer 18 minute version on youtube. I think if Schiff had taken a position of education and empowerment rather than making himself a target of anger he might have won these protesters over and given them some real insider advice on what is happening with the economy.

Many of the OWS folks are justifiably mad, but clueless. They don't really know who to blame so they are pointing fingers at "Capitalism" because it is an easy and simplistic target.

As much as I agree with Schiff on the points he made, he definitely antagonized those people and pushed all their buttons. Instead, he could have approached them with less bravado and given a speech on the real root of their problems, then fielded questions afterward. In my opinion that would have been much more effective, but probably wouldn't have made for good tv.

Maybe the movement is only

Maybe the movement is only good for us in terms of educating. Because that's all I can see.

He is asking them the tough

He is asking them the tough questions that they have obviously never thought of because they haven't heard a cohesive argument from the "1%" -- whatever that is. They disagree vehemently because they don't understand all the factors involved, but I guarantee to you that woman will go home and will ruminate over that discussion. It's unlikely she'll come around quickly, if at all, but he did plant the seed, and that's a start.

Kudos to Peter Schiff.


Way to go Peter! The sky is falling, yet a made that stands for the truth like the needle to the pole.

Let them be heard

One thing I learned from being in customer service and sales, is that if you want to get accross to someone who is upset, the most expedient way is to first let their grievances be heard. Regardless of whether or not they are right, people want to vocalize their frustration with someone who matters. In my case, it was me since I was an employee of the company. In Peter Schiff's case(in this video), it's the 1%. He even had a sign that said, "I am the 1%..."

Why not allow them to finally vent to a rich guy in front of a camera, then give respectful and legitimate responses. Of the thousands of people that I've helped, this usually seems to work pretty much across the board. Now I know this is not a one on one setting, and the crowd may not provide the same courtesy. But if you don't let people say what they're itching to say, they aren't really listening to you. They're waiting for their chance to speak. Let them say what they gotta say, then they'll be listening for your response.

This is not to say the video wasn't entertaining. It looks good on the internet. And Schiff was spot on. I just don't know how effective it was at getting across to those people, especially since the video cuts off, but it kinda seemed like debating for debates sake.

I'm saying an approach more along the lines of "I understand you're frustrated, and let me tell you why you should be" might be more effective.

Very very good point

I've had the same thoughts about the way Peter communicates. All too often he is confrontational and that isn't winning people over. His tact is very much unlike RP's, who listens and seeks to understand, and then responds with a high-level rebuttal which demonstrates a deep understanding of the opposition and of the issue being debated. Peter is unpolished in this regard. I think eventually he'll realize how to turn his arguments into productive discussions.

Peter usually does a great

Peter usually does a great job of putting the mic on them even when they interrupt him.

Great work by peter

Great work by peter Schiff.

The protesters are plain wrong on everything. Its just a matter of exposing it.

They don't think.
The first problem is the protesters don't distinguish between the 1% who got their wealth honestly and morally(like Peter Schiff) and those who have got it Immorally (Govt and federal reserve, Bernie Maddoff).
Anyone who has money is automatically in the immoral camp because they think the only way to get the money is by dishonest means. That's how they would get the money. They think they are just getting their own money back.

The government and federal reserve have taken far more of her money than peter schiff ever has.

I thought it was funny the look on the woman's face at the end when you could see on her face the smile when she realised she was wrong. Her belligerent technique was no longer working as peter is very eloquent.

Are there any more of these videos from Peter?

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I agree with you

Most of the people do not know the root problem. They don't ask the questions of how this all came to be. Where does the problem come from? Does it start from the corporations and collusion with the government? Is it policies that allow corporations to do what they do? In most cases we can all agree is that corporations have there pockets in Washington and needs to stop. We can also agree that we actually need real capitalism. When companies do poorly and fail, let them do so and the one's who succeed, let them, as long as they do not use there success to destroy innovation and creativity.

I think I have a pretty good

I think I have a pretty good idea of where the problem starts:

It's that all this money is amassed in a centralized and politicized entity (our Federal Government). To reduce or prevent collusion between corporations and federal government (the lobby), this country must decentralize the government (to states localities). One good way to reduce the amount of money in Washington is to dramatically reduce taxes. Another good way is to dramatically reduce the size and scope of the federal government (militarism, departments, etc...).

Want to get rid of corporatism? Get rid of taxes and federal regulations. The government has proven time and again they can't regulate jack squat. The ultimate regulator and best regulator is the collection of consumers making individual decisions.

OWS is a bunch of

OWS is a bunch of unitelligent people complaining about problems they caused 15 20 years ago with the way they decided to vote. Now they're complaining because they dont know they screwed themselves over, and they want everybody to fix it for them.

I think maybe a better term

I think maybe a better term is "otherwise intelligent." I suspect many of those people are intelligent. They simply have not been taught about the subject matter and get their answers from MSM.

Schiff is 100% right.

Schiff is 100% right.

Those People Shut Up Pretty Quickly

after he told them how much he pays in taxes.

They also couldn't figure out

They also couldn't figure out a way to respond when "get rid of the Bush tax cuts" didn't make any sense as an answer to his questions.

I support the segment of this movement where people are tired of banks getting bailed out with our funds, but the last thing in the world main street needs is to get rid of any tax cuts. Great job Peter.

I love Schiff, but NOT this

I love Schiff, but he's playing into the real enemy's "divide and conquer" strategy.

While he is part of the 1%, Schiff isn't part of the evil that these people are protesting (albeit unconsciously)

If Schiff wanted to truly educate these people, he should have told them--"Listen, I think my fair share of taxes is ZERO percent."

After a chorus of boos, he could then say-

"But I also think YOUR fair share should be ZERO percent. You see, it's just an illusion that our tax dollars go toward paying for government services. They don't. Government services are paid for in debt. The 1983 Grace Commission study showed that all of our tax dollars go towards paying interest on the debt, period. It's like the government is just making the minimum payments on a credit card, year after year with our tax dollars..."

"But who do they, for the most part, make those interest payments to??...."

"The Federal Reserve! The unaccountable, unelected, unauditable, private member-bank owned government-front for the wealthiest of the wealthy. And they LOVE that you hate me, a business owner who employs people. Because, the thing is, you direct all your anger at me which serves as a diversion so that you don't notice them."

That's how to educate these people. Most of them don't even know why they're protesting, they just know something isn't right in the world. Our job should be to redirect their justified anger away from the hand that feeds them and toward the hand that picks their pockets.


Great post!!

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I disagree. These protestors

I disagree. These protestors have never heard an intelligent argument from successful business people and they are completely unaware of all the penalties associated with success, as well as unaware of all the benefits to the 99% provided by the 1%.

He is making them think and challenging their assumptions.