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Liberty doesn't begin and end with Paul.

I want to reiterate this point because I think it is so very important for us to remember and to instill upon new people that we meet.

To grow and to expand liberty doesn't require Ron Paul to get elected. Certainly, we are all working very hard and very diligently in this regard as we all should. But, we must remember that expanding liberty merely requires that ever more of us exercise it. The political aspect of our cause is indeed one we should continue to pursue but let us be reminded that when the political cycle wanes we mustn't.

Liberty manifests itself in a myriad of ways.

When this political cycle comes to a close I encourage ALL of you to maintain and to continue to grow your liberty networks.

Encourage your liberty brethren to grow their own food, hive bees, acquire a firearm or their carry permit, learn about history and Austrian economics, collect and filter rainwater, start homeschool co-ops/networks (with each family/parent contributing maybe one day a week), learn about ham radios or mesh networking, etc.

The more people we have doing these and similar things the more people we have exercising their liberty. Encourage barter and trade amongst yourselves.

In short just remember this:

Liberty doesn't begin and end with the last name Paul.

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Really resonates with me, practice makes perfect

keeping the govt out of our towns/lives takes a lot of vigilence/activism. Undoing 100 years of its encroachment ain't going to be easy.

In the Great Depression, 90% of the population was agrarian.
Now it's urban. That's a lot of transference to the govt.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

You're right, liberty doesnt begin and end with Paul.

It begins with Ron and ends with Paul.

And yet

you must remember that there are times in history when events hinged on the actions of very small numbers of people. Perhaps we're at the tipping point between restoring liberty or sliding down into a much more 1984-like period.

true, but....

what you say is true, but we urgently need him to win the election because our window of opportunity is closing fast. we are losing our liberties faster than ever before. if we fail in getting dr. paul elected the enemies of liberty will be all the more encouraged to steal away our liberties faster than ever. with the establishment using the excuse of the need to fight the "war on terrorism", they have most americans too scared to oppose their big brother police state tactics. there may not be much time left before america as we know it ceases to exist.


When the people lead...

I agree wholeheartedly and we will continue working hard. But remember, the bigger our liberty network the brighter the embers linger beneath the ash waiting for that burst of oxygen.

Now, I implore you, go listen to this song and keep fighting!

"People Lead" by Ben Harper

When the people lead
the leaders they will have to follow
and all their lies and their alibies
they will have to swallow
and it's you that has the authority
for the one who is right
is the majority

when the people lead
people take the lead
children you've got to take your lead
or you shall be led astray

so as long as someone else
controls your history
the truth shall remain just a mystery
for you can lead a horse to the water
but you cannot make him drink
you can put a man through school
but you cannot make him think

when the people lead
people take the lead
children you've got to take your lead
or you shall be led astray

watch them try to hide
this world's imposition
but like disease that has come round from remission
when it seems
as if it has left your person
all the while it has only worsened

when the people lead
people take the lead
children you've got to take your lead
or you shall be led astray

We March On

Good advice in case Dr. Paul doesn't get the nod.

All here know that

Ron just happens to be the best messenger we have at this time.

I agree that both he and Rand are.

I just want to remind everyone to instill this at each and every meetup and with each and every new member they meet.

Even in my merry band of paulistas it sometimes needs to be restated.

In 20 years we will still appreciate freedom.

Living and sharing freedom is important, always.

Free includes debt-free!