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Fake Facebook page leads to ID Identity Theft charge

Facebook pages are not to be taken lightly, as a New Jersey woman has learned. She's been charged with identity theft for allegedly creating a fake Facebook page using her ex-boyfriend's name, photograph and personal information and sprinkling it with comments intended to disparage the man.

She's now challenging New Jersey's identity theft laws by arguing that they don't apply to the alleged crime.

Granted, a fake Facebook page isn't the most graceful way of bemoaning a bad breakup, and it probably didn't help that the ex is also a police detective. But the angry former girlfriend, Dana Thornton, and her lawyer say she did nothing against the law, and they will seek to have the identity theft charge thrown out at a court hearing next week.

“The statute as it exists really is aimed at people who actually go into a store with a phony credit card, for instance, and use that number and assume that name while committing a crime,” said Thornton's attorney, Richard Roberts, the Associated Press reported. “When you’re talking about things that get put on the Internet, you’re getting into free speech.”

Thornton, who is 41, faces up to 18 months in prison if convicted.


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I agree that

the nature of what she did is different than what the law as written is intended to address, but what she did was still wrong.

Defend Liberty!

She should

get in trouble. She stole his identity and then attempted to destroy his reputation. These are VERY serious actions and she should be punished under the law. Free speech would have been if she called him out on her OWN facebook site.

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