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Marine Veteran Scott Olsen could be the first person to die at an OWS protest.

US: Veteran Scott Olsen Could Be The First Person To Die At A Wall Street Protest
Linette Lopez and Robert Johnson
Business Insider
Wed, 26 Oct 2011 17:50 CDT
Scott Olsen survived two tours of Iraq, but his life could be over after being critically injured by a police projectile at Occupy Oakland, The Guardian reports. He's 24 years old.

As we know, Occupy Oakland got incredibly ugly this week as police tried to remove protesters from their camp in front of City Hall by using tear gas, fire crackers, and rubber bullets.

Olsen suffered a head injury on Tuesday night, and is now in critical condition in Oakland's Highland Hospital. Jay Finneburgh, a photographer on the scene, managed to witness and take pictures of the incident. Police policy specifically prohibits the firing of these weapons at a person's head.

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This is horrible, but at

This is horrible, but at least it is more like what they did to US in the late 60's. I was becoming increasingly concerned as to why the police were not trying to injure these people. Not that I condone it, at ALL.

Wow, wow, wow

that is very disturbing.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

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More info here on the Guardian

More videos and analysis here.

Occupy Oakland protests - Wednesday 26 October

Police used tear gas to disperse an Occupy Oakland march overnight, with reports of injuries from rubber bullets or baton rounds.

Police have said they did not use flash bang grenades to clear demonstrators, but some sort of explosive is clearly thrown into the crowd in the footage.

YouTube user PlanetEarthAwakens1 identifies the figure on the floor as Scott Olsen, a Veterans for Peace member.

Video footage shows Olsen lying prone on the ground in front of police lines. A crowd gathers in an apparent bid to help him, but then scatters when a police officer throws an explosive device into their midst.


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Thank you for bringing this to fore

The police are the first ones turning violent.

Occupy protesters rally around Iraq War veteran critically injured in Oakland police clash
Thursday, October 27, 8:53 AM

OAKLAND, Calif. — Veering around police barricades, anti-Wall Street protesters held a late-night march through Oakland streets, a day after one of their number — an Iraq War veteran — was left in critical condition with a fractured skull following a clash with police.

The show of force in Oakland along with SWAT arrests in Atlanta have sent chills among some anti-Wall Street demonstrators, and protesters elsewhere rallied in support around the injured veteran, Scott Olsen.

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