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Ron Paul on Don & Roma - WLS 890 AM Chicago 10/27/11

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Radio v. Television

I find he sounds much more confidant, clear, and relaxed on the radio than he does on television. Anyone else feel this way?


So much better answer on the fence question

Than on the Fox interview.

Fence and other Questioning

It makes me sick sometimes when people can ask any question they want, yet they choose to bring up stuff like Ron's border fence answer from one debate. Especially since the same exact question was just brought up on Fox. Don't these people research who they are interviewing and maybe look at recent interviews that he has done? It was clearly brought up to cause controversy. I know there will be questions like this but it was more of an opinion then a factual answer on what one day could happen, possibly. I really don't think it's that far fetched since there are FEMA camps set up all over America ready to go. Maybe they could ask him something that actually means something?!? Another question that kills me is "Are you going to run third party". Seriously? Its an insult to keep asking Ron that question. There will be a 5 minute interview and they waste MINUTES on this crap.

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms.
Ron Paul

I really like it when people

I really like it when people ask him questions that they really want to know his answers to. Good interview.

I like his initial answer to the "Cain is a plant" question

funny and cute.

"As in --

one that blooms?" Dr. Paul is so endearing!


WHY didn't he say~~~why don't we just GET RID OF THE


link to Audio Podcast here


(no video available for this radio interview)
Podcast Summary (thanks JT!)
"Rep. Ron Paul returned to the airwaves (Chicago, IL) on WLS 890AM on The Don Wade & Roma Morning Show to discuss his bid for the Republican nomination. Dr. Paul is asked about his treatment by the media, his legions of donors from the grassroots, and how his tax plans differ from the Cain/Perry plans. Another remarkable subject was raised (which I have been considering as well): "Some people are starting to wonder if Cain is a "plant" in the race... ""

8/25/11 WLS 890AM’s Don Wade and Roma interview



"Presidential candidate Ron Paul joined WLS 890AM's (Chicago, IL) Don Wade and Roma on Thursday morning, to talk about creating jobs, bringing the troops home from overseas, and getting rid of the Fed!"

5/26/2011 WLS 890AM’s Don Wade And Roma



"Congressman Ron Paul appeared on Chicago's Big 89 WLS on Thursday morning, to talk with morning drive hosts Don Wade and Roma about a number of subjects, including America led by a President Ron Paul. Other topics include the budget process, medicare reform, and the necessary steps for real economic growth!"

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