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newsmax poll release

when is Newsmax going to release the poll data, after the election??? After voting you can see the following data and receive the latter BS in your email:



Thank You for Making a Difference!
Now take it to the next level by doing one simple thing right now to Make an IMMEDIATE Impact!

Dear Newsmax Reader,

Thank you for taking our urgent poll regarding Ron Paul and the GOP candidate race. In appreciation for your opinion, you will also receive FREE daily e-mail alerts from NEWSMAX.COM.

The daily alerts are a great way to keep up with what's happening in the worlds of breaking news, finance, health, entertainment, and politics.

All we ask is that you do one simple thing right now to make an immediate impact! Too often, American citizens feel that their voices do not matter and their views on important issues are drowned out by the larger masses.

That's simply not true. And today you made that clear! Your voice will have an impact.

Taking our poll was an effective first step, but the more voices the better. Since you believe this is an important issue, then you need to spread the word about this poll. It's the fastest way to get our message out loud and clear.

You Can Help! Can I Count on You?

Copy the pre-written message below and forward it to your email address book

Dear friend,

I just took an important poll about Ron Paul and the GOP candidate race!

These poll results will be provided to major media outlets and popular radio talk-show hosts across America, and I can assure you, our voices will be heard.

Please join me and countless others by taking this poll. Click here to make your voice heard too.

Thank you!

It only takes a minute or so to spread the word and make a major impact. And you will make an impact—see for yourself! Click here for the latest poll results.

On behalf of America's future generations, thank you again for making your voice heard!


The Newsmax Team

P.S. By taking this poll you qualified for a FREE gift! Click here to claim it if you haven’t already!

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So I bet they're gonna say Ron Paul Supporters skewed this one too. :)

Could it be that NEWSMAX reader just happen to support the good Doctor. :)

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