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Overheard on CNN.com: Perry is 'so yesterday'

Cain will be next. Watch out for Gingrich. He has a lot of old friends in the media.


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I think Perry has a real quandary

He is NOT good in the debates. I always felt he had trouble following the action and was lost half the time. I remember last time someone said something that drew a laugh and Perry looked totally confused... he didn't get it. So, I think he's either not very bright, or not fast on his feet in the thinking department (which I can sympathize with). Of course, if you have CORE beliefs, and are telling the TRUTH, it helps with quick responses..... neither of these, however, describe Perry.

So he can either GO to the debates and do badly.... or skip them and pretty much be out of the race. And it sounds like his wife is going to kill him either way!

I think the "insiders" have dumped Perry, and he is still clinging to their prior promises and doesn't get it. Kinda makes you feel sorry for him.......... but, not really!

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