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The POLLs and Ron Paul?

The Polls cited by the major U.S. News Media do not look good.

Despite hyped-up popularity directed first at Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain by the Media, while all the while declaring Romney the foregone winner, all fizzling out -- we still see no traction being gained in the polls by Ron Paul.


New polls have showed Paul in some cases back in 5th place now, behind Gingrich, behind Perry (even though he has sunk like a stone), and all the momentum seems to be on the side of Herman Cain despite him regularly making a fool out-of-himself in every interview he does, and telling poor people to go blame themselves (while the Country is looted). What did Cain ever do to create this huge wave of support?

So what are the real polls showing? How can Ron Paul after all this time still be at just 8% or 9%?

Is the campaign doing its own polling? Where does Ron Paul really rank against the cast of fools that he is running against?

Does Jesse Benton do his own polling? How can the campaign be this far behind?

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Media polls are just another

Media polls are just another scam. Here's how it goes:

You need to poll people, and you need to make it look semi realistic, and not too outrageously off from reality. So, you decide you need 1000 people from across the USA for your poll (which is statistically insignificant btw). So then you just look at where various candidates have visited, and the history of their voters, and then pick areas where you know the semi-random person (or perhaps not at all random) you call will likely vote for the candidate you want. So that way, you can basically adjust the poll however you want to get roughly the results you want.

Of course, after you go through all that, and your poll isn't quite right, no biggie, just keep calling people, exclude those you don't want, until you get the results your looking for.

Why go through all this? Because it's good business. The media seems to want Romney in, which would make sense as he is the most liberal and "Obama-like" and least likely to shake the boat of the group. But it's good business to have these other candidates shoot up in the polls, then they kill them with bad reports. Keeps people watching those commercials.

These polls are just manipulative tools.

They call the same old tired, worn out, GOP data base of people. It's almost like calling the same group for jury duty. Who in there right mind would sit there and listen to a political survey taking 15 minutes? Only lonely people, for sure. But what gripes me about Ron Paul's campaign, is that he's won his fair share, yet the campaign seems incapable of doing anything with the story. If they are inept in gaining a toehold in the media world, they should put the poll material into a TV commericial and run the hell out of it in Iowa and New Hampshire - or hire Jon Stewart to do it! He did more to ignite the media that the Paul campaign has.

alan laney


Ron Paul is never going to be popular, likely he'll be the least popular President of all time. Yet, History will remember him as one of the greats. The President who led America against adversity and through it instead of constantly running from the looming doom like the others.

I don't think, in the face of popular demand, Paul will ever stop defending one individuals liberty. He's not going to surge because he doesn't endorse one group over another, he believes we're all equal and we should be treated that way. Most people want their equality and their special priviledges.

"What did Cain ever do to create this huge wave of support?"

He's likeable.

BTW: By the GOP straw polls, Cain is the leading neo-con. He's got more votes than any other neocons and won more straw polls than any other neocons.

Paul beats Cain in both number of votes and number of straw poll wins, but Paul isn't an inside job.

And you should know this by now.

We aren't going to change the political landscape by voting.

He did nothing. He is a media

He did nothing. He is a media darling since the people see through the idiots Romney and Perry.

I really liked what Ron Paul

I really liked what Ron Paul said about this-he mentioned that it may not be gaining as fast as the others, but it is steady gain. I agree with him, it is better to stay steady gain with little to no dropping than to have rapid gains and then drop off as so many of the others have done/are doing.

It's not.

He polled 1% behind Cain in NH and nationally he's moved up in IA from 8% (I believe) to 12%.. Granted these are not leaps forward but they are gains.

The majority of the polls are less than accurate because of how they poll but they favor the status quo so it works just fine for them.

I think they are doing a good job, I just think people have a normalcy bias. They'll go with what scares them the less and what feels familiar even at their own detriment at times.

Just keep pushing. Plenty of stories are floating around about new supporters switching over. I have some myself. I also see lots of support when the local meetup groups are sign waving.

Seriously.. It sounds like a friggin traffic jam all day from all of the horns that are honking.

A lot more people support Dr.Paul than those polls will hint to and that's the way it's meant to play out.

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