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Should We Create Our Own Legitimate Poll?

We all know that the polls that are currently conducted are not a true reflection of what's real or accurate.

This website has just as much political power and insight as any of the others. My guess is this website has a more principled mindsight and a thirst for the truth and justice above all the rest.

Are we in a position to take some cross-section polls that can be trusted and referenced for accurancy and fairness?

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I was thinking this a few weeks ago

We all can call Iowa area codes. Choose some questions. and report our findings.

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Stand up For your Civil Rights

Polls are like statistics, you can make them say anything you

want. But here's the rub. Ron Paul has won more polls than anyone else, yet the campaign can't seem to get this into the news. I don't know what these guys are doing, hopefully, they're doubling down in Iowa and New Hampshire. Just today, there's the MSN Money poll with Paul the big winner, and I'd bet the campaign staff isn't even aware of it, much less are they going to make news with it. I'm sure MSN Money won't report the poll, and that should be easy pickins for the campaign to get in touch with these sponsors and hold them accountable, at least to a media statement of the results.

alan laney

I don't think it would do us

I don't think it would do us much good, because the general public would probably think we rigged it or something.


don't that now? LOL