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Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator: Attn Ron Paul


To: Congressman Ron Paul, liberal media outlets
Subject: Anti-Semitism

The other day I came across my name on an Internet site called "The Daily Paul."


[I think Dr. Woods would like to see this. The Fool's back. This was shared on Mark Levin Show.]

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Lord, of the flies!


My comment:

Replace all reference to Jews/Israel in those comments with Muslims and Islam, and you have the standard commentary offered by Mark Levin and other neoconservatives. How does it feel?

Well it's true: Ron is for

Well it's true: Ron is for America First, unlike our supposedly "patriotic" "conservatives."

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke


"I have never seen a message board descend into total anarchy like this one has. Ron Paul spammers, if I want your opinion I'll give it to you! Let's just forget the whole thing, Nebbishes! I need an aspirin!"

Jeffery Lord on being butt hurt.

Sorry dude, you smear us, you smear the good doctor through guilt by association we will expose you for who you are.

Also, I am glad the board descended into anarchy. I mean we are for limited government right ;)

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Be careful

Alot of Lord Imposters on AS

Good! I'm glad we got under

Good! I'm glad we got under the skin of that anti-American half-wit.

Looks like a set up.

Join Daily Paul make a few nasty comments then write an article about it. Sounds like a Karl Rove technique to me.
I guess the Neocon's are not getting enough traction out of constant references to the old newsletters anymore.

Jeffrey Lord likes getting schooled

He makes a living by attack the most conservative candidate in decades.

Another hit piece from Lord,

and why is anyone surprised? This guy seems to have made it his full time occupation to sabotage Ron Paul's campaign any way he can. He comes onto this site (probably more than he lets on) strictly looking for things he can try to use against Paul. Is he right? Not in the least.

What's wrong with being against the Banking Elite who are bent on destroying this country? They--through their control of the media--have made the term "anti-semite" worse than any other utterable phrase. Rupert Murdoch (owner of the News) is a member of Likud-the radical Jewish political sect.

Jeffrey Lord is likely working for them directly. Perhaps the Bilderbergers have recruited him for this very reason. Yes, I think he is a mouthpiece for the Federal Reserve owners. Ron Paul attacks the Fed and the military-industrial complex and threatens their existence. We talk about the evil reality behind this (as is our right and which has nothing to do with Ron Paul)and they jump on this, saying "Look! Anti-semites!!" This has nothing to do with race as far as I am concerned. If nationality comes into it, it is of the agenda of others. We are only against the blatant, treacherous actions designed to eradicate the sovereignty of the U.S. and propel the world toward a global government.

This piece is nothing short of contemptible. This sycophantic piece of Crap Jeff Lord is a media puppet of the Bankers who are out to ruin the dollar. They'll stop at nothing. Don't forget, Kennedy was shot soon after he started printing interest-free money independently of the Fed. God bless Ron Paul.

John F

Jeffrey Lord is an intellectual dullard...

and a dishonest one to boot. He places his tongue in cheek innuendo all about yet he can never stand up to scrutiny.

He has been asked, many times already, this one simple question which he hides from as if it blurs on the screen as he scrolls...and that is...

Does disagreement with, and hatred of the Government of Israel for its social and military abuses constitute "antisemitism".

It is a very simple question and it deserves an answer...especially from someone throwing shitballs over it. I doubt hell is any cooler or whether we'll here from Mr Lord who is surely lurking...

You are an asshole Jeffrey. Why don't you write about the stench that surrounds you...something you must know about since even we can smell it from here.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

So anti-muslims in their

So anti-muslims in their midst is ok?

Wherever you go, you will

Wherever you go, you will find bigots. I don't approve of bigotry from any source or directed at any group (except for pedaphiles, I'll give that a pass). This is a one sided smear tactic to try and paint Dr. Paul as sympathetic to those who are biased against Jews. Go to many conservative sites and you'll see WAY worse comments about muslims (palestinians especially). Where are the right wing watch dogs writing letters to the candidates THEY support alerting them to this trend? No where. This is a smear tactic and is dishonest.

Sticking Up for Pedophiles

1. Predators always attack someone weaker than they. People who attack children are really, really weak. Pedophiles are an example of severely damaged people and may have been abused themselves.

2. I do think the impulse, as with many others, is very, very difficult to cure, but my hope is that some of the great work being done in the area of energy medicine (e.g. EFT) which works well with PTSD phobias, and addiction, would also work to "erase" the pedophile impulse.

3. Technically, in some states, a pedophile is an 18-year-old who fondles a 17-year-old.

4. People are individuals. It can be a mistake to be biased against all individuals because of the group they "belong to."

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Are you seriously sticking up

Are you seriously sticking up for pedophiles? I was really stating that there's usually an exception to a rule, and that down the line there might be a group that being predjudice towards might actually be the right move... like people who molest children.

read this jeffrey

we just don't like you jeffrey because you're scum. it's personal

as for jews, plenty of jews don't like the NWO, they are allies. and plenty of non-jews love the NWO, they are ignoramuses.

so blow jeffrey.

Oh Lord! Ha-ha!

The most intellectually bankrupt ones always go right to the "anti-semitism" canard.
It saves them from having to think.

Yeah we are all anti-semites

That's why we Love Ludwig Von Mises, and Murray Rothbard so much. That's why we love Peter Schiff.

Exactly! I like Jewish

Exactly! I like Jewish people, Jewish culture, Jewish food too - but I don't like the IDEOLOGY or the ACTIONS of the extremists in the Israeli government. The Likud are fascists, just like the Neocons here. It explains why they have so many common interests.

Mark Levine is a fascist ass*ole and my opinion of him has nothing to do with his ethnicity.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Schiff a semite........

I thought he was an American Playboy.........

Those two things

are not mutually exclusive.

The fact is ...

He is absolutely 100% correct.

I take issue with him linking Ron Paul to this crap.

But it is all true.

I have been warning people here about this for 4 years.

We have a lot of bigots here at dp.

Wake up call.

God Bless.

Internal affairs......

We may have internal problems. If we do we should fix those in house and not defend known liars such as Levin and Lord.

The comments listed in Lords article were not wrong, they were not crossing line into hating on a race, a religion. They were hating on the idea of warmongers stealing future earnings of unborn citizens to support a free and sovereign nation. Do you support the foreign aid to Israel ?
Do you support Levins idea that if anybody attacks Israel they attack us and the American people should sacrifice their sons and daughters ?

This is the topic, not some sissies(Lord) hyper sensitive feelings about slander toward Levin, for his advocacy.

Starting a war against an influential radiohost

while on the campaign trail is just idiotic. If those people cared about Paul's campaign they should have kept their views to themselves and not post idiotic things like this:

"Strychnine Levin, agent for the State of Israel?! I Hate him!!!"

Thats it....

The line you pasted....that it ?

Here is Levin calling ALL ROn Paul supporters A-Holes.....could you please copy and paste your rant to him when he called you and all of us out ?

The post you pasted attacked Levin, the individual.
Levin attacked an entire group of people, why are you defending this ?

Levin has influence....and so does Lucifer. We fight him too.

I needed that link so bad! Thank you BUMP to the TOP!

This is how you know you are listening to a NEOCON, as in basterdized Republican!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Choose your battles

Hating on Levin is gonna get us nowhere.

And for the record I'm not defending Levin, I'm opposing people who associate themselves with Paul's campaign making comments that can perceived as offensive or anti-semitic.

Where is your rant

Did I miss the post of your attack on Levin and his supporters for calling us A-Holes ad Jew Haters ?

Go to Levins site, or Lords, and attack them in defense of us.......I'll meet you there.

Percieved by who

Perceived by Lord and Levin....and I could post Levins hate against the Paul supporter going back to 2007, do you want more ?
The goal of Levin and Lord is to create dissension among the Paul ranks, I will work to prevent and stop any such false dissension.
Ron Paul is not anti semitic, neither is the DailyPaul. Any anti semitic spew on this site is policed, swiftly and without tolerance.
The rant you posted was hating on Mark Levin, it was confined to his loyalty to a foreign nation and Mark Levins attacks on the Paul support as a group, all inclusive.

Levin attacked us, four years ago, and has not let up. We will not cower to this bully. Not now, not ever.
He makes a claim like this every month or so, and each time we pulverize him for it. His ratings are going down and the other neo con talking heads have learned their lesson, Rush and Hannity will say good things, Levin only spews hate. His influence is ours now, we will take his support from him.

Same stuff went on with Hannity, we are winning that fight and will win this one - why, because we are RIGHT !!!!

He broadcast over public airways, it is well within our standards and principle to steal his audience from him and we intend to do it, one false attack at a time. Go read the comments section in Lords article, we are winning !

I dislike Lord and Levin a

I dislike Lord and Levin a lot. That said, there are better ways of attacking them than calling them "evil Israel worshiping, Rothschild loving, statist warmongering Zionist neocons!" There are much better ways for people (I'm not accusing you in particular of anything) to express their dislike and disagreements with these people. Remember, a lot of people who visit this site may be people curious about Ron Paul and considering supporting him. Comments like the example I just gave are major turnoffs for most of these people. Obviously it will happen to some extent in every large group. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't work to minimize it and focus on rational, intellectual arguments like Dr. Paul does.

My thoughts 1) Jeffrey Lord

My thoughts
1) Jeffrey Lord is a moron

2) He and other neocons sound exactly like liberals who criticize mainstream Republicans for not criticizing racism or racist supporters enough. Ron Paul has given his position on racism, Israel, and collectivism many times. He shouldn't have to say it every time he goes on TV.

3) That said, he does have a point. He himself may not be very important, and only looking to promote himself, but there are a lot of people of all political parties who aren't blindly devoted to Israel who would be disgusted by some of the comments on here. Those posters refuse to believe that their words will have negative effects on potential newcomers, but they do. They do. Even if you do think there is some secret Jewish group running the world behind the scenes, Ron Paul does not. Therefore, there is no reason to bring it up on a Ron Paul website. Please make legitimate arguments and criticisms of opponents that are in line with Dr. Paul's stated philosophy.