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Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator: Attn Ron Paul


To: Congressman Ron Paul, liberal media outlets
Subject: Anti-Semitism

The other day I came across my name on an Internet site called "The Daily Paul."


[I think Dr. Woods would like to see this. The Fool's back. This was shared on Mark Levin Show.]

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Whaaa...Who died and made you editor of the DP?

I've been watching you...and you ain't right but, it's not my site to box you out of here.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

I can't force anybody to do anything

But it's beyond me how people insist on doing things that's obviously bad for the campaign.

My argument is that if you don't care about the campaign, why are you even on this site?

I see

For some odd reason you decide that dissent against a foreign lobby is not allowed.......
Are the zionist the whole of the semites ? We can bash other semites like the arabs or armenians but not the zionist.....are they special ?

Does this mean we can no longer bash the lobbyist for the medical industry, or is it just the lobbyist for the Israel that is protected ?

You can belittle my point all you want

Being anti Israel is obviously a very sensitive issue in this country, and there have been attempts by various groups/people to label Ron Paul as anti Israel.

Being aware of that I don't see why you can't just keep your Israel bashing off this website which is branded with Paul's name.

Being against special favors

Being against special favors for Israel is not remotely the same thing as "bashing" Israel.

No one is bashing "Israel" here.

We are bashing the government of Israel, not its people. Just as you and I bash the US Government. Does bashing the policies of the US Government somehow make you and I anti-White Anglo-Saxon Protestant?

Think about it.


This nation lives beyond its means on the backs of the future earnings of unborn citizens.......nobody wants to hear this either. Should I no longer use this ?

I am aware of the false claims against Paul. I am also aware Paul is right, and not one time did he ever suggest Israel first. Never did he advocate giving charity to Israel. Never did he suggest it is wrong to speak in dissent of our policy toward Israel.

And he has NEVER, I mean NEVER, suggested we support the very anti American Mark Levin !!!!!!

Cutting Israel off our charity rolls is not anti Israel.
Promising to send American men to die for Israel wrong, just as it wrong to promise to send men to die for Korea or Japan.

Do you support this idea that if any nation attacks Israel it is an attack on the United States ? Do you support treating Israel like its the 51st State ?

No I don't

I don't support any of those crazy ideas, I personally do not care about Israel. But a lot of people do, and if you, as a Paul supporter go around calling people Zionists and whatnot you're giving Ron Paul a bad rep.

Huh ?

You dont care about Israel...you know over at AS that is anti semitic.......

You called people morons, that is what got my attention.
I do not call people Zionist, nor can you find a post where I did.

I defend freedom, even when it hurts. Better to follow my principles than use expediency of the moment in place of principles.

There is nothing wrong with speaking ill of Israeli policy and dissent against Israel first.

Did Thomas Jefferson speak ill of Jews, should we no longer discuss Jeffersonian ideas because somebody might get their over sensitive feelings hurt. Truth hurts

The people I refered to as Morons

Were the people who was quoted in the blog Post.

I know

And in your words they were not doing anything wrong. Yet you called them morons because they upset someone who is hyper sensitive to things that are not here.
I left comments for Mr.Lord, his answers were shallow and without merit.

The comments you referred to was not, is not, anti semitic.
THe people you called morons was not hating on Jews or Semites, they were opposing the idea of Israel first and charity for Israel. They dared to attack those who want spend money from unborn American citizens to give to Israel. They simply defended the unborn American citizens and attacked the anti American Mark Levin.

You attacked one of our own and defended known liars.

I didn't say they weren't doing anything wrong

I said that it's irrelevant.

Let me clarify, I don't care if somebody on this forum goes out of their way to blame Zionism and Rothschild for the demise of our country. But there's a lot of people who consider that stuff offensive.

And I'd hate it if those people comes across this site and decides to leave because they get offended, or feel that this community is not fit for them. Who knows, maybe that person is here because he/she is contemplating voting for Ron Paul.

Wouldn't it be a shame if Ron Paul lost votes because people gets discouraged by his supporters?

You're trying to make this about Israel and foreign policy but it really isn't. Furthermore your claims regarding what those users we're arguing is false. This is one of the posts quoted:

"Strychnine Levin, agent for the State of Israel?! I Hate him!!!"

That's just hatred, and has nothing to do with the things you mentioned.