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Is the Republican Party fixing votes?

I read this article today and uploaded it here: http://buy4paul.com/whyileftrepublicanparty.pdf

I'm a little shocked I guess. I thought we were up against the media and mass stupidity and stuff like that. But if the Republican Party is fixing votes, and there's nothing really illegal about it, what do we do?

This was written by a lady that was a Ron Paul delegate in 2008 in Indiana. After this experience, she joined the Constitution Party because she felt the Republican Party was just too corrupt to allow the free nomination of someone like Ron Paul.

The Constitution Party is not supporting Ron Paul, not because they don't agree with him, and not because they don't think he can get enough votes, but just because they think the Republican Party will fix the nomination process so he cannot get elected.

Is this something we can overcome? Thoughts?

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I think your question is easily answered...


i would imagine that the only way to change it is by voicing your concerns within the party

i could be wrong...perhaps, third party...its frustrating

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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