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What if. We had a national sales tax?

What if we had a national sales tax? What if there was a central computer system that could track all sales to enforce this tax? What if your social security number was tied into that central computer system? What if that list of purchases could be monitored by a national security or national health care agency? What if that central computer system had a program designed to track certain sales? What if laws are passed in the future that require certain products to be confiscated or rationed? What if we lost our freedoms and never noticed it until it was too late?

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No central computer is necessary

States collect sales tax by auditing businesses to be sure their numbers all make sense. Every now and then you'll read about a businessman who kept the sales tax receipts to spend on his business...and he gets fines and jail time.

A national sales tax would be less complicated than an income tax and less intrusive in our daily lives...except for the poor, who would pay a disproportionate amount of their income compared to the wealthy.

My first choice would be to fund goverment with duties, user fees, etc. and get rid of the income tax. However, if the only choice we have is to get rid of the income tax and replace it with a sales tax, I might support it...if the total amount of money collected would be the same or less than is collected now.

The burden of government does not change just because we change the mode of carrying that burden.

What if

We didn't?

What if the States only paid for the smallest necessary Federal government allowed/needed for our nation to function properly under Constitutional powers and got rid of the rest of the bloat?

That means we only need to pay State sales taxes and from those the State is supposed to pay its Federal part due to cover its portion.

What if we go back and read the founders intent on where, who, how taxes should be laid at the minimums and on what types of commerce and how those taxes were to be used?

We would still be slaves with national sales taxes, its just another name for income taxes. Anything we chose to sell by the fruits of our own labor, including a "service" they would want a "piece of". It's a new name for the same thing.

A way to fund and keep the enormity of the system intact.

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Begs the question...

If we would simply train ourselves to first ask what the constitution tells us, we would spend much less time going around in circles.
The federal government is limited to taxation of the states based upon the same numeration as for House representatives.
If this basic fundamental is not established, all these taxing discussions are for naught.

Undo what Wilson did

It will make

no difference, all the presidential candidates know that if they eliminate all taxes, the states will just pick them up, one way or another, either the state or the feds are going to get 60% of your money, the states will operate the same, but without federal help, they'll just cut out the middle man and take it all themselves,Ron Paul must know that.there would be tax revolutions in every state.

only if all other taxes were eliminated

if I had to choose. I'd choose "no taxes", but you know what they say about death and taxes....

anyway, if forced to choose, i'd choose a sales tax.

savers would be rewarded.

i despise land and real estate taxes, aka property taxes ...you might as well rent.

i'm not real keen on income tax, i've been paying them for a long time, and i think they're stupid.

i'm against the death tax as much as property taxes.

so the only tax that i support, in a lesser of all evils, is consumption/sales tax.

the government already wishes they had a way to tax people buying/selling used goods, so that's not a real argument, if they find a way, they'll do it regardless of what are national tax is based on...

that's my off the cuff take. i would like to buy my land, own it outright for real, leave it to someone of my choosing and only be bothered once at the beginning with the sales tax of the land, and be unencumbered after that.

Like the original post hinted

Like the original post hinted at, just imagine the intrusiveness of any sales tax scheme. Nowhere is the Feds given those kinds of supervisory powers. Ditto for the income tax. If I make you a glass of lemonade and you give me a dime in return, no bloody way can any government with a reasonable claim to be civilized force us to "report" that, whether for sales or income taxation.

The founders funded government with tariffs. One of the few things the feds have any business being involved in is monitoring the national borders, including what comes in across them. Since they're already meddling, why not charge a few bucks for doing so? No massive increase in intrusiveness and spying required.

At the local level, let the locals decide how they want to raise revenue. I cannot see a better way than property taxes, but perhaps someone else can. Let people vote with their feet.

As for property taxes, what you are paying for is someone protecting your property claim. Why should you be able to call the sheriff to toss some vagrant off your land, without paying him for it? If you simply don't care, and don';t mind protecting your lot yourself, I cannot see why anyone should force you to pay anything, but I doubt many people would want to defend their own land themselves. Cheaper to just pay the darned tax and let the state do it.

Ordering a Pizza under Cains national sales tax.

I could go along with a sales tax if it was collected by the states. Any identification to the individual should not be allowed, like a national ID or a national sales tax card. Most states have a sales tax now, so the infrastructure is already in place, why duplicate it and put it under the control of the federal government? The fear is once the federal government gets the authority of a sales tax, it will be manipulated with thousands of well intentioned changes. It will become as complicated as the income tax.


Search DailyPaul.

What's that I see? A Federal Sales tax???... It's a jailbird!... No, it's a plane crash!...

Faster than an income tax... Able to leap full Congress in a single bound!... More powerful than a steaming liquidity!...

Look! Up in the sky! It's Super-Congress!

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

All taxation

= anti-voluntary coercion and should be abolished.

(As mentioned in another post) When unethical laws are subsequently imposed = tyranny

National sales tax = time for a new nation

just my 2 cents


That will be your earnings for the year when we get done with ya. You might need that.


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Quit buying crap...

and barter for the things you need. Find someone who doesn't mind big government and have them buy things for you. Take advantage of their ignorance. But most of all...don't buy anything. I don't like the idea of a federal tax on purchases, but I would like it better than the current system that takes 28% of our income. We rarely buy anything at the store and don't get off on shopping sprees, so our taxes would be slashed big time.

Federally, income tax +

Federally, income tax + ad-valorum taxes for individuals is at 13% of household income. About 5% corporate/business tax rate.

Nationally, about 28% of all economic activity goes to the government (sans personal social insurance taxes, since you get those back). If you want to break it down into corporate vs. individuals, it depends on who "pays" sales tax and who "pays" taxes like the cigarrette tax. Putting all but the most business-like of taxes on things (business licenses) puts personal income taxes at 33% of income, and corporate taxes at 19% of income.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Have the states collect the sales tax

If a sales tax is an advantage and it could be, it should be collected by the states and NOT the federal government. The state could collect it and remit their share to DC. Once the camels nose is under the tent, the national sales tax will be "tinkered" with by a well meaning congress. Look at the income tax, any guess how long it will take congress to enact changes in the tax. May be an additional amount for energy, like a carbon tax, maybe an additional amount for certain foods, this thing could morph into a nightmare, all with very good intentions.

all of the above

They don't need our money as much as they want our data.
It's routinely sold to companies who want to target sales.
And the sales tax grid would be able to track us with more of our personal, activity and detailed information about us than an RFID chip.

it would go up

it would go up