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A video that finishes Gingrich 100%

I am pretty much sure that the establishment is scared that after a guaranteed fade in Cain's popularity, Ron can take the position of a front runner. Romney will not jump over 25% support. Perry is finished - his flat tax idea is bogus as he proposes no spending cuts thus in truth he is relaying on FED to print more money. So they are grooming Gingrich. I have noticed that Gingrich is using Ron's talking points all the time and possesses a media-created opinion that he is an 'intellectual' (LOL). People are willing to go along with Newt because they forgot what a career politician and dishonest man he really is. Not to mention he is crème de la crème RINO!

So here is a very powerful, short and spot-on video that will turn off all of the Newt's support:


THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO GO VIRAL! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Gingrich Supporter's forums, blogs etc. Then Ron Paul will have a clear pathway to becoming the true front runner!

UPDATE: The website advertised is www.wecansolveit.org. It is The Climate Reality Project. Under About Us you read:

'Founded and chaired by AL GORE, Nobel Laureate and former Vice President of the United States, The Climate Reality Project has more than 5 million members and supporters worldwide. It is guided by one simple truth: The climate crisis is real and we know how to solve it.

and articles such as:
http://climaterealityproj... LOOK AT THE POSTER

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"The Real Newt Gingrich"

The John Birch Society has a killer DVD on Newt called "The Real Newt Gingrich". It destroys him. Total globalist, not interested in preserving the United States. Can't believe he has the nerve to show his face in the political arena again.


I'm so glad they edited out the part when they started making out. The gazing into each others eyes made me vomit as it was.

It is like a game of Chess between us and the system. Let say Romney is their King. The have sent out a knight in the form of Perry in their opening gambit but he was captured they have now castled and have a Rook in the form of Cain defending the King from our front on attack.

But there are already cracks in the Cain defense and soon it will be pawns like Gingrich that are left to try and keep our King (RP of course) from getting into the game. Forunately for us we still have our queen (liberty) on our side.

Republican party, we're coming to get ya. Checkmate!

I wouldn't say 100% but...

...it isn't going to win him many Republican friends. :)

This is a good weapon to add to your arsenal if you've got friends leaning Gingrich.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Newt Gingrich: The Establishment Conservative

This article is a couple of years old, but very powerful. For much more, search " Newt Gingrich" at www.thenewamerican.com .


I highly recommend this one...

It reminds everyone that in 2009 he endorsed Scarzafova (sp?) She is seriously pro-choice and has ties to Acorn, of all things.

this video wont make him lose

this video wont make him lose 1 vote. Honestly, I run into idiots ALL the time who believe in a looming global warming crisis.

I'll contribute by doing a

I'll contribute by doing a Newt Gingrich Exposed series like my Herman Cain Exposed series.

Well then...

I hope you post here and everywhere else you can think of... good luck!


Excellent find.

I can't believe Newt would be so stupid to do this. This should really be fun watching him squirm.


Climate fantasy project

Almost everyone I talk to don't believe in climate change anyways, it is losing popularity FAST. Believing AGW(anthropogenic global warming), is a hard-core liberal idea, and it exposes Newt as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I'm a meteorologist myself, and can say with absolute certainty, that this AGW fraud is the biggest scientific hoax to ever be perpetuated on mankind. People are confusing REAL environmental issues(ie:pollution) and bundling it with climate which is unfortunate.

The carbon credit system that was devised from this fraud is nothing more than another TRANSFER OF WEALTH from the poor to the rich. Ron Paul is correct to say climate change is being exaggerated!

In the world of computer models, the climate is burning. In the real world, the earth is just experiencing another climate cycle. Co2 is not a devil gas like they say!

Oh, and isn't Pelosi the one who said "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It"?

RP 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what's even more powerful?

From the last debate, when Gingrich challenged Romney on the healthcare mandate, Romney stated he got the idea from Gingrich, and Gingrich's resulting stupid, hand-in-the-cookie-jar expression was priceless!

Get that video - only about fifteen seconds - and Gingrich is toast.

Good start.Lets try to

Good start.Lets try to discredit him with things really pertaining to Liberty more then how much he spent on jewelry our how many wives he has had, it will reinforce our message at the same time.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

This is not enough. You are

This is not enough. You are right in that Newt is the most dangerous adversary of the Paul campaign right now. But we need thick, black, stinking mud to sling right now. The Paul campaign will not do it. It is left to activists and the Revolution Pac. Think divorces, book scandal, anything that may stick. Get down in the gutter and revel in the filth. It must be done.

That was disgusting...

I'd rather watch Cain's campaign ads and laugh...

Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.

carbon taxes for the banksters

cartoonish 1984

This is good stuff. This is

This is good stuff. This is red meat for tea party types. Business as usual, crooked deals, indirect payoffs. But this stuff has to be compiled into a commercial. The revpac needs to get on this.

fireant's picture

For the folks who don't get it...

Potential Newt supporters know full well Pelosi cares not a whit about the enviorment or the little people, and for him to appear all toasty with her is simply an illustration of what is wrong with Washusaton.

Undo what Wilson did

Huh, really?

There's got to be something more damning than this... I mean, to the vast majority of people I know, this isn't even that bad. Certainly not the most powerful turn-off in the arsenal against Gingrich.

adam t

Most Republicans do not

Most Republicans do not believe in man-caused global warming or cap and trade, and they despise Nancy Pelosi

5 million members.

"The Climate Reality Project has more than 5 million members and supporters worldwide."
That's about .0714% of the total population world wide. Yes, 5 million sounds much better. I love the numbers game. I am much more likely to listen to 5 million people instead of .000714 of the population.

Yeah this isn't really a

Yeah this isn't really a bombshell...Hell Dr. Paul admitted on Fox the other day that he thinks global warming is partially man-made.

Not "global warming" though.

You don't have to believe in "global warming" to understand that human action has consequences on our environment. It's my guess that Dr. Paul understands that the question is not whether we have bad levels of "climate change" or not, but the more appropriate paradigm is to study the extent to which human action needlessly degrades the environment upon which all life depends.

adam t

not that you said that...

I'm just going off, haha

adam t

We are at least

partly responsible but not for the reasons that usually get discussed.


show it to an average Fox watcher and think about their response - Pelosi + global warming + Al Gore = explosion!

Believe me, no one would be

Believe me, no one would be happier than me if you're right.

Luckily, Newt has a long track record of bad personal and political choices to sink his own ship.

video showing newt took ideas from rp playbook?

newt is a smart guy indeed, but so many of the points that newt has been using are straight from the ron paul playbook and from rp's effort in auditing the fed, etc....

it is very, very sad that newt is claiming credit as his intellect and ideas. it is great that rp's ideas have been taking off and newt is using rp's work to build upon or convince people of free market ideologies, etc....

perhaps a video indicating the ideas newt is using now to promote his campaign that infact started with rp's work? is anyone willing to put that together?


To Not Sure I Understand

Just him sitting and making nice with Pelosi kills him. He is such a scum-bag.