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Ron Paul is an anti-Semite?

I ran across this article on American Spectator purporting to be an expose on Ron's anti-Semtic followers.


This is a quickly written respnse and it could use edit suggestions. I hope it is useful for people trying to defend RP but not knowing what to say.

"Let me start by saying that I am a Zionist. I am an anti-war Zionist. I am first and foremost an American lover of freedom. I support Ron Paul because I believe in God. I am a Christian who believes in the old testament. Israel IS the most Holy entity because it was created by God.

God made the Jews his chosen people. God also says that Israel is to be judged more harshly because they are more special. The Jews have the absolute responsibility to be true to God.

I think Ron Paul is the best candidate as an Israel supporter because he gives them the freedom to do what it takes to fulfill prophecy. I am not a wacko I don’t want the end times, Armageddon or war. I want America to take its hands off. We shouldn’t be involved in overseas wars that provoke Islam and try to facilitate the Final war. This is not good for America or Israel. Prophecy happens on its own it can’t be pushed along.

These people writing anti-Semitic comments are obviously attracted by Paul’s stance to cut off aid to Israel thinking that this hints that he might really believe deep down inside what they believe. Freedom is an absolute. Freedom always attracts some fringe characters.

I think Paul would be politically wiser to pay homage to Israel, but he is no ordinary politician. He will not tell you something to alleviate your fear if it is pandering. That is why he is so intense, there is something to love and something to fear for everyone.

The Paul community is very good about self policing regarding this and other potentially controversial subjects. If you go to a large Paul event there will be a couple of whacko’s that are weeded out intellectually just as when you go to a left wing rally there are a few freaks roaming around. If you go to any event even a mainstream Romney group and probe there will be controversial thoughts.

I am no paranoiac but I would suggest it is possible that some of these posts could be from provocateur’s after all this is high stakes politics. There are certainly real anti-Semites who repeatedly re-post hate filled rants under aliases. They are NOT welcome by the other 98% of Paul supporters who are fair minded and mostly very pro-Israel or would be if they thought deeply about the subject.

There are probably some Paul supporters who don’t know the difference between Israel or Lebanon, although we are generally smarter than the average Joe. There are probably Paul supporters who couldn’t give a hoot about Israel one way or the other.

Paul’s campaign is a revolutionary and exciting campaign and it will attract a small fringe element no matter what. Paul IS smart so I am sure if he becomes the candidate he will address this and other controversial issues at length. He has to explain the old newsletters, his anti-abolitionist views, and many, many other subjects.

I am sure he has a rational and well thought response to this charge but has never been given sufficient media time to explain in detail his logical conclusions regarding these issues. I look forward to his answering these questions also because he is so logical that I am sure his explanations will enlighten the situation.