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True Polling Numbers

When you read the Poll is says...like Republican Voters...who voted in the 2008 Republican primary. Remember the Republican party back then? The reality is the face of the Republican Party is changing, but those new faces are not being polled.

You can get a more accurate overview if you look at straw polls, more people are showing up. Like Ames, In 1999 over 23 thousand republicans showed up to vote for Bush.

The party eroded under Bush and in 2007, 14 thousand die hards show up at Ames.

16,892 Votes cast at Ames in 2011, and other straw polls have surging numbers as well. Increased participation in Republican politics is due largely to Ron Paul. He's recruiting people left and right.

At Ames, Ron Paul went from a 9% in 2007 to 27% in 2011. His increase in voter base more than represents the increase in Republicans attending the event. How many new Republicans were recruited by Ron Paul? They're important because they represent a 15% in overall voter base, and they're not being polled.

Ron Paul is gaining ground amongst 2008 voters and that is reflected in the polls, but what is not reflected is people who are moving or returning to the Republican Party to vote for Ron Paul.

I would love to see a Poll skewed in Ron Paul's favor. The GOP should poll all post 2008 NEWLY registered Republicans to see who they would vote for. I would also like to see a chart showing the declining Republican Membership during the bush era, and the gradual recovery along with the Candidate leading that recovery.

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The polls

They make the polls, our minds to sway.
Choose the ones you like, throw the others away.
The polls don't mean a thing today.
Except the one on election day.

Ignore the polls

Polls - or rather any statistical data - need to be interpreted. The media just publish their interpretation but rarely raw data (i.e. what questions were asked, how were the people chosen, etc.)

Best is to simply ignore polls. They don't matter.


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all of those polls they show on tv are bull. they cant make it too obvious that they suppress rons numbers, so the just keep him floating around in the middle and add a 2 to the candidates they want. Ron Paul is probably actually in first or second, or maybe not, but we'll never know the truth until the election. Maybe even the election might not deliver the truth, who knows?

On one hand

I might think this is just wishful thinking, however from personal experience I can relate that I left the Republican Party in 2007 and I am planning to re-register Republican very soon in order to support Ron Paul, so maybe you are right.

If there are more people...

I am reminded of Lew Rockwells blog in 2007

In October 25th 2007 RP was polling in Fourth place in NH with 7.4% and finished with 7.64% in the Primary.

In Iowa...5-7% and came in with 10% of the vote.

I remember...I expected so much what with the V for Vendetta Nov 5th money bomb and the Boston Tea Party Money Bomb still coming.

4 years later...there's a Tea Party, and congressmen who vote with Ron Paul in the house. I definitely think RP's support has grown, and we need to make further inroads into the party...are we winning, no but we're growing and it's impossible to change our minds.

I don't find this

wishful thinking at all. I find it as being a lot more accurate than these media polls. The poll I pay the most attention to is who's getting the most $200 and less donations because these represent real people motivated enough to contribute so they will definitely be voting. Looking at the maps of the number of voters and where they come from Paul wins by a huge margin. Also who has the cash to go the distance. Paul is right up there with Romney and I see this as the real match up for the primary.