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Ron Paul does not want to cut defense. Ron Paul wants to cut offense.

I was listing to Free Talk Live (a great online freedom loving audio show) today and the radio host said something that stuck me as a good way to describe things. He said "a defensive military is less expensive than an offensive military."

That hit home for me and for the caller. I thought this would be a good way for the doctor to phrase it when he often say, "I don't want to cut one penny from defense." I know we've all heard that line before. It's the followup, when he tries to explain what he does want to cut.

Now, to be clear, I'm only talking about the elevator speech. If the good doctor gets time to explain, then so he should, but some of these interviews are quick and the person interviewing is doing their best to rush him, or possibly if his turn is ending in a debate.

Just food for thought. Check out Free Talk Live if you can.

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I don't belive so.

I cannot put words into Ron Paul's mouth like this post has but in my own belief offense and defense are intertwined.

Cutting militarism and unnecessary military spending is a good defensive measure plus a good national economic plan.

If you spend too much on militarism (or offense) then sooner or later you are going to go broke trying to keep ahead of other States unless you go to war to try to even out the situation. If you react (or defense) to what other states do with their offense then sooner or later you won't have the knowledge or ability to defend yourself.

Your best defense and offense is a good intelligence service that can give good data that is not politically motivated and make your adversary spend themselves into oblivion with a false sense that they are behind you or are inferior too you.

hope for the best

Don't fight, but if you do - win!

Ron says he wants to cut militarism, not defense.

His determination to swiftly prosecute just and legal wars require defensive and offensive capabilities.

The intent is to allow each of us to pursue our peaceful lives without wasting resources on ineffective or unnecessarily esoteric weapons. However, defend yourself, be prepared for an aggressor and have the proper tools to quickly win and return to civilized behavior.

Perhaps we could describe it as a deterrent military force.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

It's a cute turn of phrase,

It's a cute turn of phrase, but it's also not correct.

Of course Ron wants to cut defense! The military-industrial complex is calling the shots, not Congress and a president adhering to our Constitution.

It must be cut... drastically!

You're missing the point.

You're missing the point. Much of what we spend on the Department of "Defense" does not actually help us defend ourselves.

Great Answer!

Spread it. I went ahead and have passed it on to people.

Let's get this back to the good doctor.