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Ron Paul Poll- ceoexpress.com - your vote needed (once only please)

**UPDATED 2230 28OCT11**

Great Job everyone, we are close to making a statement. Please vote if you have not already. (212 votes)

They are finally realizing the passionate support we have for Dr. Paul and even more for his message.

Most Ron Paul votes were wiped out by the forumn editors saying they were from the same ip.

They need a real dose of Ron Paul support and legitimate votes.

Please cast your vote for Ron Paul in this online poll and feel free to join the discussion.

We need more informed Ron Paul supporters in this forum..


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We're losing.

Keep this bumped!

You know what to do!

It is a bogus poll

All day the numbers have been getting lower. BOGUS

Nice Job, One Last Push


Ron Paul has 148 positive votes as yet, a vast improvement.

Pass the word to those that may not have voted.

Make a positive comment about Ron Paul in the forums, people are already remarking they've never seen such a turn out of new name and attention.

It is funny how they do not yet understand how the internet works.

Sorry guys, I have to vote this down

This is not a real poll. Thenumbers have changed too many times. We had 70 when i first looked at this in the a.m. It is bogus, I looked at it at noontime and we had 20 BOGUS!!

You're right they are definitley messing with the numbers.

I totally agree they are messing with the numbers and if you read the comments the moderator is claiming that the results are from the same ip (I know, ridiculous).

Don't vote more than once but pass the word, there is no reason we cannot put a few hundred different ips there just to prove a point.

This poll calls Ron Paul fringe and deserves to have a demonstration of our presence. Nothing belligerent, just our presence and vote your opinion at to whether Ron Paul will influence the election, as if he hasn't already.

56 at 2:53 p.m.

30 at 9 a.m.

25 at 11 a.m.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

78 now 1530 CST

Their head is spinning as the votes continue.

Keep it up!


Just vote once, but spread the word to all DP'ers

Vote even if they delete.

They ARE deleting votes and claiming they got hacked by a single user voting numerous times.

I know this is totaly unfounded but only give them traffic when Ron Paul is featured.

The other times i use http://hotsheet.com

Or even better is http://www.december.com and find your page.

Vote just to prove the point that we won't quit, but vote once please.

They are negating Ron Paul

They are negating Ron Paul votes.

This poll is a fraud. On

This poll is a fraud.
On 10/27 at 4:52 p.m. the significant category had 57 votes.
On 10/28 at 7:02 a.m. the category had 70 votes.
On 10/28 at 10:31 the same category had 20 votes.
At 10:57 it has 36 votes.
Fraud is spelled "C E O E x p r e s s"

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

It was 30 votes when I voted 2 hours ago

Now it is 25... (eyes roll) Don't give them ANY MORE TRAFFIC!

This poll is bogus

NOW they say they have only had 20 people vote for him, earlier it was something like 79, it is rigged!!!!!!



Poll votes still needed.

There is a healthy debate going on in here at times, except for the fact that they have him listed as a Democrat (D-TX).

Please vote for Ron Paul in this online poll:


It WILL Happen

He will win!

190+ people think he is a frine candidate

70+ believe he is significant. That is sad that the msm has payed hisrole down so terribly with those people. It is sad thatthey do not believe FREEDOM COUNTS!!

Mainstream dopes rule here Ceoexpress.com

I'm trying to plant the seed here, but, more help is needed.

Please vote for Ron Paul in this online poll: http://www.ceoexpress.com/polls/dailypoll.asp

I voted.

We really need to focus on all the progress that we have made for the cause of Liberty, yes it is an uphill climb, but once it starts it will be like an avalanche, so many people will get it about the spending and the taking away of freedoms that it willnot be stopped.

Poll votes needed.

As I am the Ron_Paul_Operative, I will push this through with the ultimate motivation.

Vote now, so I can move on to a new mission.


Ron Paul votes being deleted.

It would be really nice if we could show more votes here.


Bump for Liberty

These jerks wiped most of our votes away for being from the same ip.

Show them our REAL numbers folks!


These dopes even have the ignorance to have Ron Paul listed as a Democrat (D-TX) at the top heading.

They deserve to feel the tidal wave of support today!

bump, winning

bump, winning

Bumpity Bump Bump

Bump Bump

I bring Dr. Paul to the people on ceoexpress much to the disdain of the site owner.

Let's show them how the "fringe" kicks their arses.

Bump for Dr. Paul Champion of the Constitution!



as of.

How much influence, if any, do you think Rep. Ron Paul (D-TX) will have on the 2012 presidential race?

Significant–he might even win the republican nomination
57 votes (27%) Very little/none--he is a fringe candidate
147 votes (68%) Another scenario – please share
11 votes (5%)
215 Total Votes


Rigged poll!!