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Loaded Guns On Planes “Not A TSA Issue”

Who's duty is it then to intercept weapons slipping through their own security? Why not just get rid of the TSA and let the airports privatize the security instead? Since the TSA seems to have too many holes for stuff to slip through, this is just another reason to get rid of it.


In the latest scandal to rock the perpetually inept Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a loaded gun slipped through “security” at a major U.S. airport and the agency claims there was no system breakdown because it was not its duty to intercept the weapon.

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Hold on a minute now.

TSA does xray bags and they do hand searches through bags supposedly at random (though mine are ALWAYS searched through when I go to Eastern Europe). I always find a little note iside telling me that they HAVE gone thorugh my bags.
There is a story running right now on the Prison Planet webpage where TSA searched through the bags of a passenger and found a sex toy. They then wrote "GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL" on the note that was put in. The woman complained and the offending officer is now not checking bags anymore (presumably he is now groping women instead).

I don't WANy them invading our privacy anymore than they do - but who's responsibility is this then?

It isn't the job of any

It isn't the job of any government agency to "intercept" guns anywhere, so I guess they got this one right for once.

Before Oct 1, 1969, the date of implementation of the 1968 GCA

In JFK airpoint in New York City, the most the stewardess would ask you about your loaded rifle was, "would you like me to stow that for you in the coat rack or above your seat?"

Weren't their ANY questions about loaded guns on planes in the hands of normal Americans? Nope! Why? Because it was no ones business.

And, guess what, there were ZERO commercial airliner hijackings in America - EVER.

It was only after the 1968 Gun control act was implemented, banning guns on board, when hijackings began.

As Dr. Paul says, the constitution has the solution. If we respected the 2nd amendment, there is no way 911 could have happened as there might have been any number of armed, even locked and loaded Americans, aboard aircraft.

So, thank you once again to the federal government for blowback, being a direct cause of 911 through the abandonment of the 2nd amendment.


They just gave Ron Paul a loaded weapon too - political ammo, baby.

"Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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My thoughts exactly!

I hope the campaign is reading Judicial Watch. It's a very excellent resource and they do great work.

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