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Here is an example of how the Free Market works better than the FDA; Dept. of Agriculture

Taxpayers have paid hundreds of billions of dollars to federal government agencies to police facilities that produce and serve food, and for what? For the amount of money that is being spent by the taxpayer, we should be able to walk into any restaurant and never worry about getting sick from filth. But in this video, a Dr., who is also a mom, and a concerned citizen, took actions into her own hands when she discovered at the local McDonald's extremely unsanitary conditions. Did McDonald's "thank her"? No they "banned" her!

If more citizens followed her example, we wouldn't need the Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, or any of the other billion dollar federal "baby-sitting" departments. Ron was slammed by Ed "Psycho" Schultz during Ed's "Psycho Talk" segment(of The Ed Schultz Show), for wanting to shut down these departments. Ed needs to watch this video, and see how the Free Market can work without government intervention. Chicken McNuggets anyone?