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Chairman's Conspiracy Against a Ron Paul Supporter?

At 1:44 PM Wednesday October 26th I, Brian Frank, received a forwarded email from a member of the Cherokee County GOP letting me know about the Nov. 12, 2011 debate at Wofford College. This email was sent to this person at 12:55 PM. The tickets are given out on a first come, first serve basis. The email originally came from the Cherokee County Chairman, Steven Blanton. I thought is was pretty weird that I wasn't included in this email that he sent out, as I am included on every other email he sends out because I am a paid member of the county GOP. The email had directions on how to request tickets to the debate. I immediately clicked the link and requested my 4 tickets. I then copied the email and sent it out to my contact list of like minded people.
I finally received an email from Steven Blanton at 4:50 PM, 4 hours 5 minutes later that day. Now I was pretty upset! It seemed to me that I was purposely being excluded from his email because I am a known Ron Paul supporter, and also because he knew I would let all my fellow like minded Ron Paul supporters know about this. I called Steven about this at 5:30 PM and asked him why I was excluded in the mass email. He told me that the email addresses he sent out at 12:55 was from memory and the email he sent me came from a list. I don't buy that crap! I think that he is either controlled by people with large pockets or he hates liberty minded people that support Ron Paul. This is all just my opinion. The email is below and I would like your thoughts. Is Steven Blanton against Ron Paul, Liberty, or his dog ate my email address?

From: Steven C. Blanton, Jr.
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 12:55 PM
Subject: GET FREE TICKETS TODAY: Republican Presidential Debate at WOFFORD COLLEGE

As a proud Wofford Graduate, I write with excitement that Wofford College will host a debate aired live on CBS, November 12 at 8:00pm ET. I hope you will consider attending this local and historical event.

There are a limited number of seats available, so please act now to ensure that you get tickets to this debate! Follow the link below to place your order. The preference for ticketing is first-come, first-served.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Steven C. Blanton, Jr.
Cherokee County Republican Party
Post Office Box 2282
Gaffney, SC 29342



Brian Frank

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ytc's picture

Patriot 1, good luck! Tread gently.

Be CHARMINGLY persistent, like Ron Paul :-)

I hope you and many other RP friends get to attend the event.

You need to learn to play the

You need to learn to play the game with a bit more finesse. You do not know what his intent or motive was. Maybe he is being straight with you, maybe he is not. Either way, it is bad form to make accusations without the proof to back them up. It's even poorer form to air your laundry in public like this until said proof is in your hands.

You now bear the burden of proof and without any you can easily be made out to be a "loony." Due to your association with Ron Paul you may also tarnish his image with your local GOP. Yes, it is illogical for people to make that connection, but they will nonetheless.

It would have been wiser to have "returned serve" by politely bringing this oversight to his attention. Then see what his next shot is. If I were you, I would consider making an apology. Whether or not you are correct he has yet to do anything overtly. Your reputation is now at stake. In this game, all you have is your reputation and as I've stated already you are in no position to question his.

that is why it is in the form of a question

you decide

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You will need it if we dont get a President!

So just ask him for that list

your email came from and email a few of them you know to see if his story jives. And can I suggest putting your prescription drugs ad somewhere else.


"And can I suggest putting your prescription drugs ad somewhere else."

reedr3v's picture

It sounds like you are networking

to get around the crooked official; good work!


So what are you going to DO about it?


That's what Stephen Blanton thought.

Prove him wrong. Stop talking. Do.

Surely there must be a

Surely there must be a national organization this completely wrong activity can be reported to..I would go as far as necessary..


What happened to REAL Americans?

Don't whine. Quit complaining.


Not Picking on you

or anything I am just reminding you, Think about what you are saying that would be a government organization.....there is someone they have to answer to and that is the people, you; me and all our friends. No one else is thinking clearly at this point. It really is up to the people now.

I hope I get tickets

I should find out by next week by mail

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You will need it if we dont get a President!

I'm glad to hear you're active in your local County GOP!

Sounds like you not only have taken the 1st Step but you've also taken Step 2.

Hopefully one day you'll be able vote out that chairman. Maybe even one day you can be the chairman in the future!

And you are the product

And you are the product of.... WHAT??


It use to be they wouldn't let retarded people reproduce..
Too too bad they stopped that policy...

Be well...... Have some more cool-aid