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The Atlantic: What Does Ron Paul Have Against Baseball?

You tell me. Snip from this article at The Atlantic.

In the National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Act, a different kind of financial monetary intervention is afoot: financing the Hall of Fame by selling the coins with surcharges attached. The bill amounts to a Cooperstown funding drive; that's why Rep. Amash voted against it.

The bill would direct Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to mint half-dollar, $1, and $5 coins -- and to sell them with $5, $10, and $35 surcharges, all of which would be paid exclusively to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

"It's far beyond the proper scope of the federal government to act as a sales agent for a private group," Amash wrote on his Facebook page. "I voted no."

Read the whole thing at The Atlantic.

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If They Made D.C Congressional Trading Cards...

No one would trade a Ron Paul card, and you could not Give Away a Nancy Pelosi card. The pelosi card would be thrown in the trash.


Nothing. He's cheering on the Texas Rangers.

Game 7 tonight! Wow, Game 6 was good.

Impartial myself.

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Three years ago, the bill would've passed 418-1, so we're making some progress :-)

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I love the sprinkling of articles now

in the MSM showing that a few authors are beginning to grasp the significance of Ron Paul's principles, rather than superficially responding to each issue without any relation to the Constitution, liberty, peace, etc.

Anyone commenting at THE ATLANTIC...

should mention Ron Paul is a great baseball player. In fact, he scored the only home run at the last Democrat/Republican Congressional baseball game.

If this is already mentioned, disregard, as I cannot reach THE ATLANTIC from my work computer.

Check Facts

When was the last D/R game? I think his was not just a home run, but out of the park. There must have been other home runs. Did they stop playing after that (black this out)?

Ron Paul hit that ball years ago.

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Good Photo! That's a great

Good Photo!

That's a great photo at the top of the article.

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Nobody gets it

Nothing innocent or cheap about minting a coin by the government.

How much of the taxpayers money is spent--Well really, how much more debt is created---To design, mint,manufacture, store, distribute and promote these coins?

What if the coins don't sell? Who bears the loss? What about folks like me who care less about baseball? Did I get asked if I want my tax dollars to be spent on this? --Correction--Debt ceiling raised to finance this?

And why does the baseball hall of fame need support from the Government? Can't all all those rich owners, managers and baseball players chip in?

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I contacted my congressman's FB page. Hope he notices, but we'll see. he's in a heated contest right now, but am thinking I should put the pressure on and write some editorials... hmmmm? ;)

i've been sending this out...

i've been sending this out... it's great!

and look ron paul's influence is such that the typical 'no' vote has been tripled! :)

walter jones

i wish walter jones had joined the 'no' vote.