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Ron Paul interviewed by News 4 KRNV Reno (part 3) 10/27/'11

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This is such a GREAT series of interviews!

And I have sooooooooooooooo much respect for this station owner in Reno doing this!

Just goes to show, there are still some good, honest people out there in the media...:-)

Listen at the 6:00 min mark. Armageddon coming!

At this point the station owner (the interviewer) asks Ron Paul, essentially: is an economic collapse unavoidable?

Ron Paul shares his "personal view" that we will inevitably "hit the wall," that no doubt a major economic meltdown or Armageddon, if you will, will come to pass.

But he says he is optimistic that there is a chance that the rebuilding of a ruined nation, or rather, those who lead the rebuilding, will come from the "young people" now who are responding to the message of freedom.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Looking better, but the suit still doesn't fit.

Looks like Dr. Paul finally trimmed his eyebrows. They look much better! But he still seems to appear in suits that DO NOT FIT! His suits sort of ride up on the right shoulder when he turns his head and pull away from his neck, as if the suits were starched or something. Only reason I'm harping on this is, it seems like everytime I see RP in some interview or debate, he's wearing another suit, and NONE OF THEM FIT and they all have the same problem! I don't know if it's the way he's built or the cut of the suits, but when he shrugs his shoulders a bit the whole right side pulls away from his shirt so you can see the inside of the suit collar. This seems like it should be a solvable problem.

Also, still verbalizing his pauses too much - ahhh. No need to do this. Lot's of people do this until it's called to their attention. Then they stop, and then they come across as much more thoughtful.

Coaching. TV presence. Grooming. Clothes.

I know, I know. It's "not that important", etc. etc. No need for Dr. Paul to anticipate answers to the questions to be able to optimize his answers in the context that Joe Sixpack will be able to understand them. He's so brilliant, he doesn't need coaching.

Politics at the Presidential level is still importantly about communication, and about engaging people, especially emotionally, and explaining issues to them in a context where they see how the issues affect them. I have seen too little of this from Dr. Paul. What's a shame is, that the ideas (most of them) are fundamentally correct. It's the 'splainin' that needs work.

That's what you're supposed to do when you raise 2.4 million dollars. Sure, you buy some TV ads, but you also go out and hire the best media consultant, voice coach, etc. that there is, and you work together to make sure that nothing impedes your message from getting out.

Basically, RP needs a set of talking points:

I'm sure you've gone to the grocery store lately, and noticed now little food you buy, and how much this costs. If you're elderly and on a fixed income, you're having a harder time getting buy. If you've saved money for your old age, hoping to get by on interest from your savings, you find out you're not getting any interest on your money and you have to cut into your savings just to survive. This is the downside of printing money wildly and throwing it at problems. Some people get hurt, and usually it's those people who have worked hard and done all of the right things who get hurt.

If you buy 100 shares of Microsoft, and the company decides to split the stock, they print more shares to lower the price. But when the stock splits, if you had 100 shares before, now you have 200 shares. But when the Fed prints more money and the value of the dollar goes down due to this money printing, do you get more shares? Do they give you more dollars to make up for the fall in value? No!

etc. etc.

A little story and personalization of each issue, from people losing their sons in battle, to the soldier who comes back with PTSD or his life ruined due to serious war wounds, to businesses who can't function because of endless regulation; there are only a limited number of questions that are asked, and each one can be framed in a way that shows how it affects the listener.

The student loan issue and heroin are obviously set traps that Paul just walked right into. You don't have to be a true blue 100% libertarian on everything. Even these issues can be responded to in a thoughtful manner, but it's quite obvious that the media are always sucker punching Paul with these issues during intros, etc.

Good points


these are great, is the

these are great, is the station owner only doing this with Ron Paul? If so he deserves much credit!!

why not update your old post

where parts 1 and 2 are?

thank you for posting them all.


I figured it would be easier

I figured it would be easier for people to find if it was a single new post instead of having people continually check an old thread in hopes that I finally updated the newest vid

yeah, that makes sense

thank you for posting them. Is it a 4 part series?