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The First Family ???

I got an email through dailypaul.com and the writer referred to our family potentially as “The First Family.” The writer also said they wanted to know more about us and our extended family. I thought I would provide a little information about us. It is wild that people care to know about us, and it is certainly exciting.

So, I will start with the first of Dr. Paul’s children. Ronnie Paul is the oldest son of Dr. Ron Paul. He is married to Peggy Paul and they have three daughters. Peggy graduated from Texas A&M and it makes the U.T., A&M rivalry fun in their house. Laura is the oldest and she will graduate from The University of Texas very soon to attend medical school. (If you haven’t noticed, medical school is a trend in my family) The next dauther, Lisa, is a freshman at St. Edward’s University and plays softball. Though she suffered a broken foot which kept her out of most of the season, we are expecting a triumphant return next season. Linda is the youngest girl and will be a junior in high school next year. She is an animal lover at heart and competes in athletics and FFA in her high school. My uncle Ronnie graduated from The University of Texas where he lettered in swimming. He was a high school state champion in the butterfly. He currently works for Dow Chemical Co.

Next is my mom, Lori. She is married to my dad, Tom, and they have five children. I am the oldest in my family, and I am married to a wonderful woman named Kym. We recently gave Ron and Carol their first great-grandchild. My son, Collin Matthew, was born January 25, 2007 and is the light of our lives. My sister Vicki is married to Christopher White and they live in Houston, TX. Both Vicki and Christopher are graduates of Texas A&M Kingsville and Christopher was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds minor league system for a year before giving up the spikes for a career as a mechanical engineer. Next is sister Valori, a graduate of Wade College, and a dental assistant and full-time Ron Paul 2008 campaign worker. She is probably the hardest worker I know. Following my lovely sisters are my brothers Mark and Michael. My brother Mark graduates from high school tomorrow and I am very proud of him. He is graduating a year early and plans to attend The University of Oklahoma like his big brother. (BOOMER!) My brother Michael will be a freshman in high school next year and is the athlete of my family. He is an amazing baseball and football player and I am looking forward to watching him throughout his high school career.

The third child in the Ron Paul family is Dr. Rand Paul. Rand is married to Kelley and they live in Bowling Green, KY. My uncle and aunt have three boys, William, Duncan, and Robert. Rand is an ophthalmologist and graduated from medical school at Duke University – like my grandfather. In my opinion, my Uncle Rand is probably the second smartest human being I know next to my grandfather. Their kids are interested in everything from politics and history to sports and guitar. I share the same interest in guitar and love to jam with them when they make visits to Texas. Rand’s wife, Kelley, is a wonderful writer and worked in that field before becoming a full-time mom. With three young boys, I can assure you that it is a full-time job. I don’t think I’ve ever met smarter children in my life.

Fourth in the line of the Ron Paul clan is Dr. Robert Paul. Robert is married to Monica and they have two amazing children Robert and Katherine. Robert is a huge fan of www.dailypaul.com and he says he reads it daily so I have to say nice things about him. It isn’t hard because Robert has been a powerful and positive influence on my life. Robert played college baseball for Hardin Simmons University after winning the 1984 Texas High School baseball championship. He was also quarterback on the football team, and his background has influenced him to volunteer as team doctor for a local Ft. Worth high school during football season. He, his wife, and children live in Ft. Worth, TX where Robert practices medicine and raises his family. Robert and Katherine are excellent athletes as well, excelling in both soccer and baseball. Monica is a graduate of Texas A&M University, which adds fuel to the fire of our family rivalry between OU, UT, and A&M.

Last, but certainly not least, is the youngest daughter Dr. Joy Paul-LeBlanc. Joy is married to Andy and they have four children with one on the way. Twins Bonnie and Benjamin, Paul, and Luke will be joined by brother John David this summer. Can you imagine being Bonnie in a family of four brothers? Joy is an Ob-Gyn like her dad and is well on her way to matching the 4,000 babies that my grandfather delivered. Her husband Andy is a chemical engineer with an MBA and works for Dow Chemical Co. With church, baseball, ballet, piano, school, swimming, and numerous other activities, they are probably the busiest family because they have the most young children.

All in all, our clan is huge. Dr. Paul has five children, 17 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. When we are all together, it is blissful chaos. It is wild but we would not have it any other way.

The most amazing thing about our family is that we all support each other 100%. Every member of the family is totally behind my grandfather and we all believe in the message of limited government, liberty, freedom, and returning our nation back to the original role our founding fathers’ intended.

At this point, 3/5 of the families are represented on MySpace and you can visit each family members’ site to see pictures and learn more about them. www.myspace.com/ronpaul2008 is my grandfather’s official MySpace account and each of the family members are listed in the Top Friends category. Come visit us and learn why we love and support this great man who we are willing to share with the country and the world.

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Was Rand named after Ayn Rand?

Who I am

I am a 44 year old resident of Sugar Land, Texas who works as a systems and database consultant. I am working on my wife and my parents (a much tougher sell) to become true REPublicans.

Support our republic and the liberty it provides - Todd

Support our republic and the liberty it provides - Todd

Who WE are - let EVERYONE know...

To discount the major media's misrepresentation of who is supporting Ron Paul, I propose that from now on, when we post a reply to an article, blog, or any other feedback on Congressman Paul we need to put a blurb about who we are.

Bill (consultant, age 46) & Jacqueline (wife, mom & homeschooler - age 36) Kosloskey, (Paul's Republicans), 6 children from Michigan.

Another idea would be a name, city, state, party, age, and occupation petition to show the world the FACTS about who we are!


Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Who I am

Hi, I'm Jason, age 27. I'm a founding member of the Ron Paul in KC meetup group (www.ronpaulkc.com) and am dedicated to the ways of true freedom. My brother, age 29, and both parents are huge Ron Paul supporters.

I currently live in Lawrence, KS, and I work in the mobile telecommunications industry.

Kansas: As bigoted as you think.

Who I am

I am Robert from NW Ohio father of 2 and happily married for almost 9 years. I have voted republican since I first started voting, but have always leaned toward the conservative/libertarian wing of the party. I have NOTHING in common with the Rockefellar/George Bush Sr wing of the party.

I believe in the PHILOSOPHY that won the majority in 94, though they most certainly lost their way.

I WANT MY PARTY BACK!! And I'm willing to fight for that ends!!

Robert NW OHIO

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn