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Ron Paul Gets "A's" From This Christian Ministry

Vision Forum Ministries grades Republican candidates based on the Constitutionality of their answers in a recent debate:


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Checked out report cards from previous debates

Hard to figure out exactly where this guy is coming from. He did give A's to RP for the last two debates, but for the one on 9/22, he gave RP F's for public policy, education, and abortion. He chastised RP for his "flawed concept of unbridled states rights" and calls it a "prescription for
localized tyranny."

I guess he has a point that we could have state governments just as tyrannical as the Federal government, though I would think they would be easier to vote out of office. You can also (with some hardship) move to a less tyrannical state. You can't avoid the Federal reach unless you want to expatriate yourself.

These report cards are just one guy's opinion, but it's nice to see mostly excellent grades for Dr. Paul.

very interesting

they based their grades on the US Constitution....going to have to sit and read the full report this week.



The only reason he did as well as he did was because he was looking over Dr. Paul's shoulder during the test.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Ron Paul aces this one.

Ron Paul aces this one.