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Occupy Facebook

This is my idea to pick a day next month (perhaps Nov. 15) for every Ron Paul supporter to quote or put a Youtube link on every one of their "Friends" facebook walls. I am pretty sure that every American has atleast one friend who is a Ron Paul supporter, so every person in America with Facebook will have something about him on their wall. Also, it will completely fill everyones news feeds. It is easy, everyone goes on facebook so even the laziest among us can do it. It will also help us identify which of our friends give us positive feedback so we know who to contact on the day of that states primary.

I suggest people start collecting you favorate Ron Paul quotes and youtube videos so you are prepared for Occupy Facebook.

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I think

it would be a great idea.

great idea

Don't use facebook but already planning to put something on my wifes page. To really work though we'd need lots of people to do it on that exact day. Any ideas on how to spread the word? So many folks here posts get buried quickly.


Does facebook work like myspace where you can post html that contains animated gifs with built in back links?