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Ron Paul Does Not Rule Out A Third-Party Run

Ron Paul would not pledge to rule out a third-party run for president if he did not get the Republican nod. Paul said he is running for the Republican nomination and to make such an announcement now would undermine his current campaign.

Paul was discussing his candidacy with the panel on FOX News' "Special Report."

However, Ron Paul hinted several times during the interview that the thought is in his mind. Paul noted that there are more registered Independ

ents than Republicans or Democrats in the state of New Hampshire.

When asked if he would pledge not to run as a third candidate Paul dodged giving a direct answer. "I pledge that I have no intention of doing it," Paul said cheerfully.

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If I were to walk into

a polling boot as a Republican and if I though for one moment that Ron Paul might just run third party if he did not get the GOP nomination,I would check his name so fast it would make your head swim. That is just how much I despise Obama, and trust me there are thousands upon thousands who despise Obama just as much as I do. So every one do as you like but if there is one chance in a million that Paul might run third party then this is one Republican who will not take a chance on any other candidate, except maybe Newt. I think there is zero chance of RP running third party if he realizes Newt could win the nomination.

This is wishful thinking on

This is wishful thinking on the part of the Dems and their left leaning minions in the MSM, like Blitzer, Crowley, etc.

They'd just love it if he'd run third party, this would split the Repub ticket and give Obama his second term.

This is why they keep asking him. IMHO

He can run on a write in campaign

I'm writing him in regardless.

Punch one of two buttons

When we enter the polling boots this time around we best punch one of two buttons, Ron Paul or Newt, anything else will be suicidal for our country.

Newt is CFR

Voting for him is the same as voting for David Rockefeller

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

The GOP PTB would trot out

The GOP PTB would trot out Trump so fast to run third party it would make your head spin off if Ron Paul won the Rebublican nomination .
Wake the fuck up! The GOP is not our friend. They are using us and Ron Paul.



If Ron Paul pulled-off the GOP nomination, you can bet your butt there would be a 3rd Party in a NY minute! They've had 4 years to make contingency plans! RP knows it, WE know it, and THEY know it. In my opinion, with the state of this place currently, all bets are off! Anything and everything needs to happen! Keep your principles intact and roll with it. This election sham is just that!

How Ron can win

If Ron Paul would come out right now a let the American people know that if he does not get the GOP nomination then he will run third party. If he would do this right now he would get the nomination. Why? Because the Republicans know that if he did run third party their person who ever would get beat in the general election. He can pull that many votes away from the Republicans and they would have no choice but to back him during the primary's.


You're wrong.

Such a threat would make tons of voters disqualify him as someone who only cares about winning, and not about our country.

As someone who would go through hops only to keep Obama in office. I personally would never support such a strategy and I find even the thought of it to be despicable.

After further review

After further review of your comment I feel it needs a better answer than what I gave you. First off, any one who thinks that Ron Paul only cares about winning is not for him in the first place and they are not living in reality. It could be that the man knows our economy is on the brink of failing and the status quo would bring this about, as a matter of fact he has said as much. Next, do you think when it comes to the political arena that they play fair? Do you think Acron played fair? Do you think the Democrats played fair when it come to the eligibility of Obama? Do you think they played fair with a Health Care bill that over sixty percent of the American people did not want?
Sadly to say the other side does not intend to play fair and if you play fair you will loose. Is that right? No, but sadly that is just the way it is. When it comes to RP running third party you need to think outside the box. I am not going to spell it our for you in this post. I will say this, if RP did run third party it would not be because he was thinking of him self it would be because he cares about this country and he would know that he could win. Just remember RP will not put Obama back into office. Any one who would think that would be completely crazy.

Fair has now gone out the door

It is not about being fair any more it is about saving our country.

You don't win an election by threatning people

You win elections by convincing people to vote for because they think you'll be a good president.

There is a big difference between a threat and a promise

It is called politics, a rotten stinking cat and mouse game. As long as it is legal then you have to use it and if you do not you will loose. Do you think it is fair for the main stream media to be so biased against this man? Do you think it is fair for the MSM to pick our president by lapping up one candidate and ignoring another? How do you combat that? If you do not pull out ever trick in the book short of being illegal to combat that then you are going to loose, it is just that simple. Sure you way sounds good and would be good if we lived in a perfect and honest world, but sadly to say we do not. How are you going to convince people when you can not even get the message out? Obama won an election by lying, cheating, making false promises and rigging the ballot boxes. Is that right? Not at all, but that is what you will be up against this next election. I am in no way advocating anything illegal but you do have to be cleaver because you are dealing with out right crooks with both the Democrats and the Republicans and they will use every under handed trick in the book. If you try taking on a person who is holding an AK-47 with only a ball bat you will loose.

If people like Jim Demint,

If people like Jim Demint, Sarah Palin or others big names hesitate to endorse him, this rumor could hurt him.


This is such a contrived distraction, we are in it to win the republican nomination.

After we do won't you and the MSM look a fool.

"The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopts them." - Mark Twain

This is INSANE to be discussing this at this time...

... it is being done by people wanting to hobble RP's chances at winning the R nomination.

If anyone thinks that we should just flee for a 3rd party right now because they just don't love us, and it's just too tough, they should go get their training didies on, get a bottle of warm milk and take a long nap.


Do you really think

that Ron Paul will win the Republican Nomination by playing fair with the news media and the other candidates? If he plays that game he will loose for sure. There is only one way he will get the Republican nomination and that is to make the Republicans choose between him or Obama. Would he go that low? I do not think so, but rest assured if he does not he will not get the nomination. Would I get that nasty? Absolutely! Why? Because Romney, Perry, Cain, Bauchman and Obama will get that nasty. If the American people will not pull their heads from their rear ends and elect the right person then they deserve just what they get.
Non of us are trying to harm RP in anyway, but we do face reality. To win he will have to use every trick in the book, anything short of that and he is done.


I am insulted by your lame claim that I'm working against the very best possible interests of both Dr Paul and the fight for liberty worldwide. FALSE!

You are stifling debate with your false accusations ... what's YOUR hidden agenda?

I say we can discuss a third party run all we damn well please, and you can take your fearful censorship and shove it!

I am glad a few people here

I am glad a few people here get it

Follow me on Twitter for breaking news from a libertarian perspective


Mark Levin's Nightmare

Mark Levin is going nuts over the possibility that Ron Paul would go third party. It's so amusing. Levin says that he would never vote for Ron Paul, yet he argues that any circumstance that would see Obama re-elected is not an option. Levin is disingenuous Paul has a serious chance to win the GOP nomination and Levin is saying that he would not support Paul. Therefore, if Paul does third party or wins the nomination Obama would be elected according to Levin.

He is an enemy of the campaign. He is not serious about unseating Obama, or balancing the budget. If Paul can't beat Obama, then none of the others can.

Paul is right not to utterly rule out a third party run. The critics just want a chance to say he flip flopped. If the GOP nominee is a weakling or something else drastic happens it's on the table. Of course, Paul has validly outlined the disadvantages of a third party run.

The Freudian slip comes from Levin and his ilk who claim that Ron Paul supporters number less than 10,000 or some arbitrarily low figure; but yet they tremble that his supporters not voting for the GOP would throw the election to Obama. Funny.

Ron Paul is playing

his cards just right.

Why is it

that some of us on here can read between the lines, think outside the box and yet others do not even have a clue.

still not running as a 3rd party candidate

says Ron Paul on another radio interview today (Jack Heath in NH)


"no plans to do that" was RP's answer to Lou Dobbs'

question about a 3rd party run.

Interview here:

How does a post that has -30 in ratings

...appear as front page news at the dailypaul???

Besides, we should be focusing on the WIN, not on how we can play spoiler.

We are

focusing on the win. You still don't get it do you?

it's a conspiracy o.O

it's a conspiracy o.O

RP *HAS* RULED OUT A THIRD PARTY RUN, for a very simple reason..

...it's too late to get ballot access as an independent or 3rd party candidate.


If you do not know what ballot access or ballot access laws are, PLEASE avail yourself of the facts before you provide an ignorant opinion and hurt our chance of getting the nomination.


There is no truth

in your statement. If you are talking about the "sorry looser law", that does not apply to a presidential candidates. It is absolutely possible for Ron Paul to run third part.

Write in

I'm certainly doing it. Not voting for anyone else.