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Invite Ron Paul to your Thanksgiving dinner

This is great opportunity to get our numbers higher on the polls.
we should all get prepared to influence and talk to our family and friends about Ron Paul and his policies..
Thanksgiving is the best time to spend with family, and if your family is similar to mine, political discussion is on the dinner table just like the turkey and gravy..
We should not leave it to chance. We need to get prepared.. We know if our parents, siblings and others in the family vote democrat or republicans, we should also know what kind of issues they care about most. Therefore if we are ready, we can give them all the right answers they need to know and debunk some of the misinformation that they have been fed by the MSM.. everyone of us can get at least a handful of supporters. Our number can easily double in the polls early December..
Visit the official campaign website to educate yourself about the issues you and your family care about and talk to them about their issues, not yours. You have less than 4 weeks to prepare yourself..
please share your thought about this..

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very important to help our numbers

I have not seen this topic on any forum.. We need to discuss this here and make sure people get to their thanksgiving weekend prepared to convert and discuss Ron Paul's policies..