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Top Cain aide has checkered past

Top Cain aide has checkered past
By Ryan J. Foley and Shannon McCaffrey
Associated Press / October 28, 2011

ATLANTA—He is the mustachioed man who takes a rebellious drag on a cigarette in the Herman Cain Internet ad gone viral.

Meet Mark Block, Cain's unorthodox campaign manager. Perhaps no one is as responsible for the Georgia businessman's meteoric rise in the presidential polls than Block, a Republican strategist and tea party leader who has left a trail questionable -- and possibly illegal -- campaign work behind him.

Block has been accused of voter suppression and was banned from running Wisconsin political campaigns for three years to settle accusations he coordinated a judge's re-election campaign with a special interest group.


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I Live in Wisconsin

Google "Wisconsin Circuit Court" you will find a website where you can look up anybody - even such things as traffic tickets are in there - but not serious drug offenses (which I have been told he has too).

Go through the system and put Mark J. Block's name in. He has a list dealings witht the court as long as your arm - including elections fraud.


I've noticed the support dropping off big time online, but this I *think* would do it... but the GOP manages to surprise me every time.