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Idea to help the protesters, and bring more left-leaners our way

Haven't posted here in a hot minute. But a friend of mine had a really good idea, but it only works if lots of people have them. Doing my part to take it one step further.

Gas-masks for the tear-gas:

Gas-mask filters:


Before anyone donates, I have no time to get to Oakland or wherever else the cops are acting like thugs. It isn't a problem in Phoenix. Anyone willing to exchange personal contact data that lives in an afflicted city? Please distribute them with a note to the effect of: "From the RP camp, with lov3."

Whatever winds up in that chip-in account, I will buy gas-masks and filters and ship them. I will post receipts for all purchases.

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You might consider having one for yourself.

I keep two in my vehicle. Sure, it's a long shot but if I ever encounter a chemical spill they might help me to get beyond the danger area.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.