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Another Weird Herman Cain Ad 'He Carried Yellow Flowers' Cockadoodledoo

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Okay, I've seen two stupid ads now

created & paid for my Cain's campaign.

They can't hold a candle to dozens of RP ads made & paid for by his SUPPORTERS, out of their own pockets.

The ads made by the RP staff rock as well.

This POS Cain is one crafty

This POS Cain is one crafty manipulator who knows his audience. In that sense, the ad is brilliant. He is reaching out to his low IQ constituents with the message that it's ok to be stupid as long as you are "the real deal".

Yep, Cain appeals to the Sarah Palin wing of the Tea Party

Yep, Cain appeals to the Sarah Palin wing of the Tea Party. No doubt that is his target demographic.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

so... who was this guy, and

so... who was this guy, and why did he contradict what he said about reading lines? something about a teleprompter and community organizer? what the hell?

Nick Searcy

He's an actor you've seen over and over again in TV and movies. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780678/

You'd recognize him better without the hat. I remember him best from American Gothic.

I think they're just trying to capitalize on his "star power" by the use of his endorsement in a "behind the scenes" type video.

My problem, as a screenwriter, is that the story appears to advocate and approve violence. In other words, instead of ignoring the heckling, he provokes the guy to spit on his boots, then assaults him.

This tells you what the writer believes is proper behavior for a winner. Which, no matter how one might approve of it (as Dr. Paul would not) when you're a big guy armed with a bunch of flowers, you might not approve of it if he was armed with nuclear weapons.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

agreed the whole commercial

agreed the whole commercial seems like it was done for those making it not with a viewer in mind

Imagine how BAD the OTHER ads

Imagine how BAD the OTHER ads that they scrapped for THIS train-wreck must have been! This whole campaign appeals to the Fox-News-Watching, Racist, War-Loving, Sports-Wannabe, WHITE male between 40 and 70 years of age. Fortunately, there aren't very many of them!


Ha ha ha. OK - I think it's clear Herman Cain is running for a contributor post on Fox. Or some "Trump"-like reality show.

Seems the whole republican

Seems the whole republican field outside of Paul and Johnson are performing reality tv style rather than serious campaigns

If Ron Paul did it...

you'd think it was the greatest commercial ever. It's amazing how biased we are as humans. Give Cain some props. It's a funny commercial and I like low-budget corny crap, so it's works for me. I don't give a flying flip about Cain, but the greatest thing about LIBERTY is being able to say the truth...not be a mindless robot and say what we are "supposed" to say.
Cheesy dialogue- CHECK
Horrible acting- CHECK
Aweful costumes- CHECK

count me in...I like it!

It's now or never...time to hit the streets and spread the truth!

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If Ron Paul did this ad I'd seriously wonder why I gave him any money.

Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of K.C. - CHECK

This is what really matters.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."


Sorry...If Ron Paul did it...

It still would be crap.

Ron Paul campaigning has

Ron Paul campaigning has really changed I remember the ad they did early on in 07 it was not up to par but this cain stuff is beyond absurd.

If these crappy ad's are

If these crappy ad's are doing Cain any good then maybe Dr.Paul should rerelease his commercials from 07/08 haha. But seriously, even the Paul campaign ads from then are still wayyyyy better than these IMO.

These ads are proof to the rumors about Cain...

...that in private he is really an evil clown.

Or just a closet juggalo


He makes a mockery of this

He makes a mockery of this election

Well to be fair, they've all been mockeries for a hundred years

or so.

Cain just doesn't care about the "appearance" of at least looking like he's taking this seriously, which could be a good thing for many, if they can finally see through the BS and look at the candidates with their ears, instead of their eyes.


Can I have back the portion

Can I have back the portion of my life I just wasted watching that? And he's at the top of the polls? Somebody should remind him that he's running for POTUS, not class president

" But I must say tonite that I know that justice is indivisible- injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

I think you meant class

I think you meant class clown.....?

Formerly rprevolutionist

agreed this is crazy waste of

agreed this is crazy waste of time and money

That's another spoof right?

No way that's real.

YEeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh...no, it's not spoof. Confirmed real.

I had to go to his website to confirm, it's on his "Watch Cain TV" tab.

The man seems intent of giving me additional reasons not to be able to support him if worse come to worst. Maybe there's some weird psychology behind it that just doesn't work on me, but if NOTHING else, the creepy turn & smile at the end is almost enough to ax him in my book (a trivial thing, I know).

I guess Block (his campaign manager in the smoking ad) is also under a lot of scrutiny for various issues in his past, some personal, some on the campaigning front.

I just...don't get it. The guy and his campaign are just clownish to me.

Amazing waste of money

Amazing waste of money