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Ron Paul in USA Today: The truth about my student loan plan - by the man himself!

Anytime someone dares to seriously address the major problems posed to us by a government program, many in the news media accuse that person of wanting to hurt citizens in a reckless manner.

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Please ignore...

...I accidentally replied to the wrong post.

Student Loans, and much else

No got the dough for the school?
No got the dough for retirement?
No dough for the docs?
No got the dough for that house she wants?

Obviously one could go on forever.

Then tell me why all savings aren't exempt from taxes, so we could save and wouldn't need the "entitlements", and your big goals, and the grants, and.. you name it. And while we're at it, why not exempt education and health care?

the present system leaves all the power in DC.

Oh, I see.

Tom Beebe St Louis

Love Ron's closing statement:

"Constantly frightening Americans anytime someone dares to offer serious solutions is the easiest way to make sure there is never any transition, never any real reform, and never any recovery."

But I still don't know what his plan is

I still don't get what his plan will do. He says that student loans are moved to another part of government and those currently getting them and those soon to get them will not be affected. There's going to be some kind of transition. What's the transition? Is any part of the money going to student loans going to be part of his first year $1 trillion in budget cuts? He says that he's not immediately cutting social security, medicare or student loans. Can he get $1 trillion in cuts the first year without touching those?

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
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He can consolidate Agency Functions...

Pell grants will be moved to another department, which is where they were BEFORE the creation of the Department of Education. Nuclear regulation will be moved to Defense, where it was before the Department of Energy, etc.

People leave government all the time, for retirement, the private sector or death. He just wouldn't replace those who left; their responsibilities would be assigned to other people.
In other words, the position would be eliminated.

He is saying "don't be scared".

Yes, these programs will continue to be funded until the economy kicks in after a few years. People who are currently or soon to be collecting government assistance will NOT be cut off by a Paul administration. They will continue to be assisted. Then, after the economy recovers, and only then, will Dr. Paul decide how to deal with student loans, social security, welfare etc. His theory is that with more jobs available and an improved economy more people won't be in such fear of change.

The Cult of Fear which the government and mass media has instilled in Americans is devastating our country.

Print edition

Does anyone know if this is in the print edition of USA Today?

Thank you!

Ron done it again

No one talked about the dollar or the fed reserve 5 years ago. My friends called Ron crazy for talking about these things. Now any card carrying conservative will mention the federal reserve. Thanks to Ron again for exposing another fallacy in our lives, student loans.

great news

leave some comments there too but you don't need to be extreme or impolite. Just things like. "This sounds reasonable"

But don't get upset about liberals attacking Dr. Paul.
We have to win the Republican nomination and the fastest way to get Republicans to like you is to have Democrats attack you.

Here's my comment I just posted, bump it up!

The LibertyBelle
11:22 AM on October 28, 2011

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Metaphor for America:
Picture a stage coach,call her America, with a team of runaway horses and they are headed for a cliff. The drivers (current political status quo) are slapping the reins, urging them on. The ignorant passengers, can't see forward, can't see the cliff, but they are all hooting and enjoying the scenery flying by. Except one. He climbs out the window of the cab, crawls to the drivers seat and hauls on the reins to curb the horses and turn them in a new direction, before we all go off the cliff. That man is Ron Paul. The negative posters here are inside the cab, as most of America, and oblivious to their imminent demise and are angry that stage coach has to be slowed down, and more angry at the man with the brass balls to do it.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Nice analogy

Gonna remember this one and use it!

Great Concept for a RP Video

Thanks, Von! I got a few votes (11) at USA Today too! I wish I had the talent to create a video of with this as the concept, as it has such vivid imagery. What a great response to Cain's Yellow Flowers non-sensical western style Video!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

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Ron's own explanation. Front page, please!

And go leave your comments at usatoday website!

They need to hear from all of us.

Site is down?

I can't get to the article. Anyone else having this problem?

there is a good amount of

there are a good amount of negative comments. could use some more good ones