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Peter Schiff vs. Cornel West on Anderson Cooper

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Yes, and how Anderson would

Yes, and how Anderson would interrupt Peter with no problems, but not the professor. Same thing with RP -- interrupts him constantly. 360 is a douche.

I wish this had lasted 3

I wish this had lasted 3 hours. This was simply amazing by Peter Schiff. He is excellent at cutting through the liberal propoganda while still placing blame on the guilty parties. Kudos to Anderson Cooper for simply staying out of the way for most of the segment. Bravo Peter!

Real Debate

I would like to see Dr. Paul, Cornell West, Peter Schiff, Jon Stewart, Judge Nap., and Julian Assange all debate. 3 hours of real discourse.


Any dream debate must include Tom Woods, who is probably even more formidable than Schiff.

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There's an idea...

There's an idea...

I would prolly donate a lot

I would prolly donate a lot of money to see anderson cooper dragged off stage

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Laughed so much at your statement had tears!