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Why does OWS celebrate Guy Fawkes, and those stupid masks?

I've even seen some Paul supporters do it, wearing that ridiculous mask.

Fawkes wanted to kill the king and replace him with Catholic monarch, which probably would have been more domineering.

What's so cool about that?

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Keep in mind

Anonymous is no one individual, or even highly organized group.

Rather, it's more an idea, a sporadic mass of people who at any given time take actions attributed to Anonymous rather condoned by the majority of the group or not.

This is why one faction of Anonymous very prone to hacking spun off to become LulzSec which committed many high profile hacks/releases of information including against Sony Corp.

It's quite cool actually

Don't demonize the mask wearers. I mean most of them have no idea about the whole guy fawkes part but have only seen the movie (which I think many of us would support).

The truth is that most of them support Ron Paul, and although there are problems with anonymous since it is so large and mob like, we can win over most of their people if they already aren't with us.

The mask represents the movie and the idea of freedom, in the same way that a cross represents jesus rather than a device for torture, and the constitution represents limited government rather than the first big government push of the federalists.

i don't think u get the point

the point is precisely what this post represents.. the choir reads it, and you type it to yourself. when represented to the masses and outsiders, it doesn't hold up. why are you talking to the choir? we know history. we know what it means. i get your point. do you get mine?

Anonymous are Cowards and Common Thugs

They called in a veiled bomb threat on the place I was working once. One of our buildings in another state had a brick thrown through the window, attributed to Anonymous.

I know of three of them which went to prison for breaking the law in ways that RP would never condone, no matter the "ends" - two for computer crime and one for honest-to-god HATE crime in the REAL world, not on computers. These guys are cowardly thugs who protest behind masks in order to avoid being confronted by those who they protest.

I've confronted them face to face, some with masks and some without. They have personally harassed me at work without provocation. They are complete a**holes with no respect for human decency. It's "all for the lulz," ya know? Whatever their action or "good intention", rest assured that their end result will be destructive. Last thing the government needs is a "good reason" to crack down on computer crime.

Best to ignore. No friend of Anonymous is a true friend of liberty. They refer to Guy Fawkes. The similarity stops there, 110%.

oh zeek, give it a rest. they were not "anonymous".

You are lying. It's clear as day. You may have run your mouth and got in some trouble. That was not anonymous. YOU are not that important. I promise.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

you mean you met the very people responsible for the

initial hacking incidents face to face? the company name was hg gary or something.

A less known reason

for the masks is they are associated with the web group "Anonymous".

The Anonymous group sprang up and gained momentum when companies like Visa/Mastercard etc. stopped allowing donations to Wikileaks. Anonymous attacked online targets of such companies and later continued working against what's seen as shawdow-esque groups working for world power.

Anonymous called for "occupying" Bohemian Grove, the forerunner to Occupy Wall Street. (http://www.dailypaul.com/170361/anonymous-calls-for-occupati...)

But this meant physical bodies, as opposed to untraceable cyber actions. Masks would come in handy, and the one we see now, because of its rebellious symbolism, sort of became the unoffical mask associated with Anonymous, and by extension the Occupy movement.

The masks were used by

The masks were used by anonymous long before they were defending wikileaks. A group decided to protest against the church of scientology. This effort was called project chanology. When people decided to protest in person, they were worried about scientology's fair game policies. If you are unfamiliar with this practice, here is a quote I just pulled off wikipedia: "Individuals or groups who are "Fair Game" are judged to be a threat to the Church and, according to the policy, can be punished and harassed using any and all means possible." In order to protect their identities, not only were the masks used, but they also took other preventive measures, such as taking the scenic route home and even preparing a change of clothes.

Its a symbol of Revolution against Tyranny

It is more for V than Guy Fawkes. Although, V glorifies Guy Fawkes he is more of a character that inspires the people to throw off the shackles of oppression and reclaim their god given rights. He is a symbol of the everyday person who is fed up with a police state and willing to do something about it.

But Guy Fawkes wasn't trying to revolt against tyranny.

He just wanted a Catholic tyranny.

When "Guy Fawke's Day" is celebrated in England, they are celebrating that fact that Guy Fawkes was STOPPED.

In Boston, pre-American Revolution, they called it Pope's Day. It was the celebration that Fawke's did not succeed. They burned Fawke's in effigy, as well as the Pope. Important to America's founding was opposition to the Catholic hierarchy.

Celebration of Fawkes is perverse.

Guy Fawkes is -not- who the

Guy Fawkes is -not- who the mask represents. It represents the character V, who was the first to wear it.

okay just keep wearing the stupid mask and keep up with

the childish behavior that satisfies no one (in fact, hurts) but a minority self.

masks have been used by

warriors for centuries. Google it :)

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

no one cares what he symbolizes in the minds of a few minority

who want to romanticize him.. because when viewed in greater historical context, there is much criticism, just as the other post points out above. it's like wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt and say it symbolizes revolution 'in your mind'.. well nobody cares what he means 'in your mind' because people with greater historical knowledge know there is much against him and it can just as easily mean many more things negative.

the question is can this 'symbolic behavior' be easily duplicated and used for other not-originally-intended purposes, say for a communist just as well as for a capitalist. if the answer is yes, it would be stupid to take on a symbol of duality. end of story. it's like southerners using a confederate flag.. it can symbolize independence, self reliance, or even defiance, but it can also be misinterpreted as 'racist'.. it's better to use some figure or icon that isn't easily misinterpreted. like calling ourselves Jeffersonians or something. not very much room for twisting there. stupid is simply as stupid does..

I agree.

And a Jefferson mask would make more sense.

yup.. nice name btw


lol, i foresaw this coming since rp supporters started wearing

them couple years ago. this socialist in OWS was also wearing a fawkes mask http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZr9c1zYaOE&feature=feedu

super easy to duplicate. massive room for misinterpretation and copycat behavior. thot it was stupid for rp supporters to take it on then when it first happened. suspicion confirmed. just another.. i don't know the word for it, 'we're good, they are evil' syndrome. not even considering that pretty much every ideologist from every spectrum considers itself the force for good, hence virtually anyone can find a reason to wear a fawkes mask. capitalistic, socialist. to use a trademark that can so easily mean everything at the same time and not uniquely characteristic of this movement.. very childish thinking. very cartoonish.