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This is the biggest concern facing the Meetup groups!

Going to meetup groups, straw polls, and directly talking with other supporters, the biggest concern is wasting time commenting on facebook and articles, and not enough CALLING for the early primary states or through WALKING AND TALKING in your local neighborhoods.

Like Karl Rove said the biggest weakness our campaign has is that we supporters like to preach to the choir. We are circle-jerking ourselves and not using that energy to reach out to the communities.

bump this so that we understand this issue, and so we may remind others that even though we are more organized than 2008, we still need to do even more if we want to see this police state turn back into the country we desire to live in.

The third major step is getting DELEGATES!

NOTE: the campaign chooses their delegates, but they can't choose anyone if they don't have anyone filling out the delegate sheet and sending it to the campaign @

Mail applications to the following address by Nov 8:

RP2012 Presidential Campaign Committee
Attention Josh Pearson
8000 Forbes Place Suite 200
Springfield VA 22151

In Ohio specifically there needs to be equal number of women and men from each congressional district to apply to be a delegate. Which means we need many supporters in every congressional district filling out these forms!

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Since the campaign began, everywhere I go I mention Ron Paul

@work, @the grocer @ the car repair @ at my local hangout and @ when i meet with family..always talking up "Uncle Ronnie"

I'm afraid if I don't keep talking about Ron Paul some poor soul is going to believe the B.S. coming Cain, Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman and Bachmann...

There is only one true conservative pro american person running for POTUS.

Lets play fill in the blanks here R... P.... in 2012

My two cents

I don't think it's an either/or. Internet or Walk Lists. I do however think that all the focus on the internet is just asking for it. Posting google trends and youtube hits is absolutely meaningless. Google trends obviously have nothing to do with elections. Howard Dean lost. Ron Paul lost. Micheal Jackson never won anything either. The dancing baby? Loser. Peanut Butter Jelly Time? Can't win a national election.

Karl Rove would say anything to sink Ron Paul.

Karl Rove would say anything to sink Ron Paul.

Why is Rove wrong? He is a master of personality politics. He wouldn't know a principle if one slapped him in the face. He would rather we play personality politics, that is something he can beat.

I agree. Now is the time to move to replace Local GOP leadership.

Now is the time to get delegates into position.

Now is the time to find Dr. Paul Representatives he can work with.

Now is the time to talk about liberty and what it means.

The more the merrier.

Free includes debt-free!

Yep, get to work and off the bloody internet.

I, too, am dissappointed with the 3rd party posts on the front page.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

I totally agree. I've been on

I totally agree. I've been on that soap box for a few months now.

By the way, I've been having a really hard time locating information on Ron Paul supporters and events in the southwest Michigan area, as well as GOP functions and contacts. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

GOOGLE your local gop, ask

GOOGLE your local gop, ask about upcoming events.

Go to the meetup groups,

Get a list of pubs, dems, or indys and go knocking door to door, hand out literature, and get people signed up with voter registration sheets that you can get from your city hall.

Either I'm googling the wrong

Either I'm googling the wrong terms, or there isn't any easy way to come up with a hard website with accurate updated facts. Every time I google for my local GOP information you'd laugh at what all comes up... nothing useful, that's for sure.

No active meet ups in my area that I found.

How and where do you get that list though? At city hall? Can anyone get a list, then?

Midnight bump!

Good suggestions.

Meetup Group

I used to be somewhat active in my local Ron Paul Meetup group during the 2008 campaign. On this go around I just have not had the time to spend. I think that the group that I was a part of limited its effectiveness by allowing all sorts of conspiracy nuts to pass out their materials along with the Ron Paul informational flyers. I am still in the Meetup group (I have been in it since 2007), but I am not sure if the same sort of thing is going on. If I knew for sure that it wasn't I might be more willing to devote some time to it again.

Drain the swamp!

Are you talking about this kind of conspiracy nut...

Ron Paul: First Bush Was Working Towards New World Order - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8DpKKSmaa8

Ron Paul talks about the Bilderberg Group

What's nuts is closing your mind to alternative ideas and dismissing the concerns of your fellow citizens.

Just one humble conspiracy nut's opinion.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

I am not dismissing your concerns

In fact, I share in some of them. I just think that we need to maintain focus. Many people are turned off by these so-called "fringe" issues.

Drain the swamp!

Ron Paul tells the truth...

... and the truth hurts.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

what application?

Where does one get the application and why do we send to RP campaign committee ?

I've alerted our area RP Mack-Daddy about this

I did not know to pre-sign up with RP. Thank you for the info.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Well then with all the negative posts on the daily paul

about Ron Paul running as a 3rd party, etc... I guess we should all give up go home and let Cain win.





New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Meet up groups

I would also say that the groups MUST come together and get exposure in the local papers. Organize and come together writing an article or two for editorials or even buy a spot in the local papers. Stick to the issues and even campaign on present happenings, like Obama's power grab and real conservatism. This, I think, is very important

Speaking strictly for myself

I do everything possible to AVOID getting "spam" phone calls, and I certainly won't answer the door to listen to a political spiel from anyone... Don't tell me I'm alone in this sentiment.

a very small minority

A small minority of voters feel that way and won't answer their door...one wonders if they ever venture out.

Having done canvassing on a large scale I can assure you that almost all people are polite to canvassers and will listen to their "spiel".

More to the point, the campaign isn't what you see on television...effective, winning campaigns aren't just television commercials; indeed, television commercials are one way to reach votes, and usually broadcast, print and mail is far, far inferior to direct one on one contact with voters.

Besides, those who don't answer their door or won't listen to viewpoints they perceive as different than their own aren't very typical of Ron Paul supporters.

Knocking on doors is now and always has been one of the most important ways to get support for your candidate or cause. A superior precinct contact effort can do wonders for Ron Paul.

That's one point of view...

This is why whenever you knock a door you have at least 3 yard signs in hand.

People like free stuff, and some get excited about the prospect of putting a sign up.

People are actually very receptive about listening when there's the prospect of an attractive yard sign. It sounds stupid, but I listen to just about everyone who has a gift in their hands for me...

What a great idea!!

And bumper stickers too!

Exactly why I posted this information that barely gets bumped

Please volunteer at the office or at the bottom is a place to volunteer from home. We need to be fully organized to get Ron Paul in the Whitehouse and then we need to be organized afterward to help him do all we need him to. Please share this post with other supporters! Thank you for your continued support of Ron and Carol Paul. Volunteer, donate, call, change to Republican Party, and pray.

The Reno office is located at:
1201 Terminal Way
on the SW corner of Terminal & Vassar
Suite #224 (upstairs)

The office phone number is:
(775) 538-2780

The hours will usually be:
Mon. - Fri., 12pm - 8pm
Sat., 12pm - 4pm

Ron Paul Campaign HQ Las Vegas Office

The campaign needs us! Come into the office at least once per week, if not more, for at least one hour, if not several! Snacks and drinks are provided, we are working on a weekly gas card giveaway and pizza nights, too!
19 S. Stephanie St. Suite 110, Henderson, NV
M-F 12-9 and Saturday 12-5

Volunteer from home http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/v/faq.php. For any other questions, please call Volunteer HQ at (703) 398-1316.

One Hour For Liberty: http://ronpaulnevada.wufoo.com/forms/one-hour-for-liberty/

And why I posted this is because of all the downers on DP

Please below put positive ways that the campaign is making progress.

This is important to do because it shows how far we have come in the fight for Freedom, Liberty, and monetary/fiscal responsibility.

I will start:

Google trends shows Ron Paul has more searches than Herman Cain or Mitt romney 1.00 to .10, this means we are ahead with more people having some name recognition and knowledge of Ron Paul.

This will have an avalanche effect for the campaign. Once it starts rolling there is no stopping the message. Keep up the positive actions, the positive thoughts, and the positive prayer. Thanks. 11-11-11 National Prayer Day for the Paul Family!


"A goal is merely a wish if it is not written down"


"We are circle-jerking ourselves and not using that energy to reach out to the communities."

Well said.

It seems like we're more concerned sometimes with having our ideas validated by finally finding each other. This distracts us from actually spreading our message in a productive manner.

Karl Rove was 100% right, and the only reason he gave us good advice is because he knows we'll never take it from him...

We really need to start going door-to-door and getting in county republican groups and become visible as groups of real people. It's easy for the media to dismiss Ron Paul, but not if people see a contradiction to that in their own community.

The internet wakes up a few individuals in every community, and so its those few individuals in each community that bear the responsibility of spreading truth. They do not spread truth by just hanging out and making plans. They spread truth by getting out there and talking to people. If you're arguing with someone and they won't budge, don't waste your time and don't be seen by others debating that person. If someone is listening to you and nodding their head or asking questions, keep talking!

Meetup replacing the GOP?

Delegates for Meetup?

This is exactly what I did with meetup in Iowa


First though, I think it isn't either or.

If we need delegates, and precinct captains, than we do need to talk to ourselves.

The first step is to get together people who already support Ron Paul and get them to take the next step in taking one of these positions.

Second, you are right, we do need to approach other groups. However, when this was brought up to the official campaign in Iowa there was push back. I had to take it upon myself to contact the Iowa Anti-War group, the "Iowans Against the Death Penalty", Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, etc. There are also Arab communities that could be contacted, Black communities, and other groups that might not realize that Ron Paul message is in favor of their freedom (from War, drug policy, capital punishment, etc.).

The Grassroots needs to do the outreach, because the campaign is focusing only on their base (while Ron Paul is busy focusing on spreading his message).

I've started talking to people on a generic forum (http://politicalforum.com) and continue to talk to people at bars and coffee shops as I travel.

I think the meetup groups are essential to organizing supporters. Though you are correct, they must then direct to either becoming Delegates, taking over local GOP chapters, doing stump speeches at Caucuses, or even going door-to-door.

Jack Wagner





"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA