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We are winning

Please below put positive ways that the campaign is making progress.

This is important to do because it shows how far we have come in the fight for Freedom, Liberty, and monetary/fiscal responsibility.

I will start:

Google trends shows Ron Paul has more searches than Herman Cain or Mitt romney 1.00 to .10, this means we are ahead with more people having some name recognition and knowledge of Ron Paul.

Look what these guys are doing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydFOGwpGS4Q&feature=BFa&list=...

This will have an avalanche effect for the campaign. Once it starts rolling there is no stopping the message. Keep up the positive actions, the positive thoughts, and the positive prayer. Thanks. 11-11-11 National Prayer Day for the Paul Family!


Ron Paul was interviewed by a station owner every evening at 6:00P.m., prime time television, last week. Let me repeat, By THE STATION OWNER!! Come on guys, he has the vision and now we need to have it. Please stopposting negative things on the daily paul. Everything on here should be posted to move us in the right direction and that is upward and outward for our freedoms and liberties.

"A goal is merely a wish if it is not written down"

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Ron Paul winning, I talked to a vet from the Vietnam war

yesterday and he said that he had been paralyzed since he was 19. He explained to me that he is getting several of his benefits taken away. I told him about Ron Paul. He said, "he did not know." One more informed person, we are winning. Watch the above video of the couple that go out as a family wearing there t-shirts. Great way to accomplish our goal.

Romans 4:17 says:

"the God who gives life to the dead and calls thins that are not as though they are."

Russel Means says Ron Paul winning would be

good for America. Much more in thsi video, but this is important for a Lakotaman to say this would be good.


I heard this from the Nevada Day Parade

"We made Romney's and Obama's entry look like a needle in a haystack"

Way to go Nevada. This is an early state and needs a lot of support.

My 21-year-old newphew

is in a band of Democrats and he turned the other three members to Paul. They, in turn, convinced ANOTHER four guys, and these eight people are each chipping in $150. They went around San Diego last week to scout out more than 90 locations and are buying a ton of supplies and are going to plaster the city with Ron Paul banners next week.


tell him that my family thanks him. Awesome, and I am sure he is showing up to the caucus or primary correct. dr. Paul said on FOX that he thinks we have an exceelent chance if we take the early states, please consider 1 hour per week to call for the campaign. Thank you and thank you!! Ron Paul 2012 and beyond.

No real proof but I have a

No real proof but I have a hunch that party enrollment registration will play a major part. Take my state of MA. I have till Feb. 15th 2012 to switch parties(from either ind/dem to rep). Many others are just like me and other people in other states. I don't know the deadlines for Iowa, NH, NV, SC but you can bet pollsters are not reaching disgruntled democrats either not registered to vote in the gop primary or just recently having switched over. This especially goes for independents such as myself who will never be polled for a gop contest. In other words the good news is the polls are fake, distorted, unreliable. Independents decide elections not rep/dem's. There is a silent army marching.

I made calls today and I could not believe the way

people were responding to my question who would they support. uh, well, I guess, um well Ill just say Mitt Romney. Well I think his tax plan is stupid, but well I guess Herman Cain. AMAZING, You would never hear that from a true Ron Paul !! WOW!!

The independents are growing and growing, the problem is most states you have to be Republican to vote for Ron Paul. It is such a catch. We had to switch. uuugh.

Ron Paul said on Fox today

that NH has more independents than democrats and Republicans combined!!

Small Town

I live in a town with about 6000 residents and in the last 2 weeks I've seen a Ron Paul bumper sticker on a car and a pickup with Ron Paul for President covering the entire back window. People are starting to wake up to Ron Paul and it's exciting.

The people who do not have asign or a bumper sitcker we need

to offer them one. We are definetely heading in the right direction and that is upward and outward, but our work here is not done. We have to fight what was already imposed on Dr. Paul. The media is finely getting a lot of things right, but the damage from before was done and sometimes can make our jobs harder. Go Ron Paul. thank you from one patriotic family to another.

Poll never had such a turn out, keep it up.


Please vote if you haven't already.

There have been many on this site who are amazed with the turnout to their silly poll.

Most turn a blind eye to Dr. Paul. We can inform and open those eyes with love and rational dialogue, pure smiling and kindness backed up with the facts.

They took down your poll

The poll is gone..

That is great because it was completely bogus anyway.

there are plenty of real polls going on and FOX just reported Ron Paul with 49% on there online poll. I will take that and watch it increase more and more each day. We are winning!!

Radio Host Destroys Romney & Changes Support To Dr. Paul


Mitt Romney runs away from a debate and then the radio host loses his temper. The revolution is coming. I found this on Godlikeproductions.

This needs to go viral

Youtube and other experts, Alert!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

That's from 2008

That's from 2008

LOL!! Worth

LOL!! Worth hearing..hahahahaha.

Thank you for sharing that great news!!

We need to bump this everyday to find the positive in this campaign or we willdestroy ourselves from within. Ron Paul all the way and beyond 2012!

Our fight is with him and it is about freedomand liberty and restoring sound money and a smaller government. Tell someone today!

This is great

But I think this can be largely put down to people like myself which number in the 10's of thousands who daily search for new Ron Paul supporters. We are fanatical about the message, because we truly believe it is the best message out there. Unlike the other candidate supporters who just like there candidate for superficial reasons and rarely look to see what their candidate is up to.

So I do believe their is a type of distortion going on with the searches and it follows through with all the Ron Paul videos too, we all tend to want to see what the new videos are like so we pile on them, and we get 10's of thousands of views, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are untapped voters viewing the videos.

So yes I think the figures are good and it shows our growing enthusiasm and support for the best candidate, but lets not fool ourselves. We need those superficial voters to come to Ron Paul to win the election. I don't think it's possible to educate them all in time, we need a big endorsement or something at the right moment to really get momentum in Paul's campaign. An Iowa win would be a massive boost to his credibility with this untapped majority.

Don't discount RP's interested supporters

Quality does count for something. RP supporters searching relentlessly for our candidate on the internet does not "invalidate" the data that he is more searched for. It actually proves that he has more intense interest than any other candidate.

I did an analysis of these stats a few weeks ago - one thing to really look for is to take the data down to the local level - the state and city level, even. Look for small towns in NH or Iowa which interest in Paul online blasts everyone else out of the water. Maybe he was just campaigning there, maybe he just had an event there, maybe that area is in the middle of being blasted with an Ad Campaign.

The moral is you need to slice up the numbers and see what the different parts mean. Also never invalidate the results "just because they aren't people searching on their own". I became a diehard RP supporter by doing lots of searching online first, after becoming aware of him online from an online source. My research was real thorough - I wanted to know the man if I was going to support him.

Take the positive - he's the most searched for candidate! That's good news. We're no flash in the pan, and we're here to stay! And some of that interest can maybe be seen as "in-the-wild" new voter interest if you compare the data to real world factors which could be causing it to occur.

Do you know about the three foot rule?

If someone is within 3 feet of you, tell them about Ron Paul. There is a family on YouTube that wear there Ron Paul t-shirts out and hand out stickers wherever they go and talk about Dr. Paul, Yeah! We are winning!

People need to see the youtube video of the couple

that support Ron Paul. I have to find it.

I've gotten multiple friends

I've gotten multiple friends to donate money to Ron Paul! We're young and we're broke and they've never cared about politics in the past.
My best friend, who used to care very little about politics, is giving a persuasive speech in his college speech course about ending the federal reserve.

Too Cool!!

This is the way it should be. i got a call last night from a gal that is going to the parade with a sign that says Former Democrat for Ron Paul!! YEAH! She has about 15 friends that changed from Democrat to vote for Dr. Paul. Good news!! We are winning!

these past weeks

ron paul has had an interview with somebody somewhere almost every day or every other day and they've been positive.

I am starting to see Ron Paul

I am starting to see Ron Paul signs all around my neighborhood. We were out walking the dog and passed a house with a sign in every window!

An old friend told me a 2nd

An old friend told me a 2nd sign has appeared in my old home town too :D

That is awesome!!

We need to pray for this man that he and his family keep there strength up. 11-11-11 is National Pray for the Paul Family day! He needs our strength!