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Ron Paul to Appear on CNN's "State of the Union"


CNN’s “State of the Union” — 2012 GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul. THIS Sunday.

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good answers from the good doc

But poor questions from the host


The discussion after the

The discussion after the interview was interesting. It consisted of:

Romney, Romney, Romney, Cain, Cain, Romney, Cain, Romney, Romney, Cain, Perry, Romney, Cain, Romney, Romney...you get the idea.

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Whenever students' loan issue is mentioned, shouldn't it be

pointed out that ONLY BANKSTERs are benefiting from these Gov guaranteed, life-time-binding loans?

And that Obm wants to hook up MORE careless misguided youngsters to be indentured for life.

Another good interview by the

Another good interview by the good Doctor!



Mods - can this be front paged

for Sunday?

I need to look for some live links - that should help.


Two Sunday shows in a row are a good thing.

Hope he does well.


Columbus, Ohio

RP on the show back on June 5

thank you for the heads up