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Why don't they ask the other candidates if they will run 3rd party.

They only ask Ron Paul. He should bring this up in the next interview if they ask him.

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UMMM...because he already HAS run third party?

just a hunch.......

All this third party candidate talk on part of the media

All this third party candidate talk on part of the media will only end up hurting RP's chances att winning the republican nomination.

because the other canidates

because the other canidates are brain dead republican puppets

I agree.

I think it's actually kind of a compliment that they ask him.

It means that he has a consistent ideology, not necessarily party affiliation.

They understand that his ideology is currently at odds with the prevailing wisdom of the GOP and are asking if he fails in bringing it (back) to his ideology, would he ever just try to find a new political home for his ideology.

Whereas Mitt Romney has NO ideology. Asking him if he would run third party is pointless. He never would. Ron, on the other hand, might. (and i hope he does, if he doesnt get nom)

Actually, Romney would run

Actually, Romney would run for ANY party. He would run as a socialist if he thought that would improve his chances of winning.

lol yea true. but i assume

lol yea true. but i assume he'd smart enough not to say the truth if asked about a 3rd party run:

"Yes. I am a complete power-hungry un-principled prick. I will run for whatever party and parrot whatever principles I think I need to in order to win. In fact, I don't even know what I truly believe anymore Ive been saying what i think people want to hear for so long."