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Talking Up a Third-Party Run for Ron Paul So Soon Is Deceptive and Dangerous

With so much talk this week about Ron Paul running as a third-party candidate you might have thought the primaries had already passed, yet here we are with over two months before the first one. This is nothing more than the next stage of a Mainstream Media attack on the Paul campaign to produce, once more, a greater sense of doubt in his electibility. It is a plan currently being laid out. That is why you are seeing articles about it in both liberal and conservitive leaning outlets. One of the latest, by Brent Budowsky @ TheHill.com is titled "Ron Paul should run for president as a third-party candidate". Link Here--> http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/...

Logically, what Budowsky says in the article is true, a Paul, Obama, Romeny ticket would be attractive, but the thought processes we have about the reasons why Paul should run third-party are fueled by doubt of his electibilty, which is single handedly prescribed to us xoxo from the MSM. So, for us to even humor such a notion of anything less than Ron Paul winning the Republican nomination at this stage is admitting defeat before the fight. We would be giving in to one of many blatant mind rapes the MSM intends to imploy to brainwash you about reality. Have you ever heard them talk about Romney, or Perry, or Cain in regards to a third-party run? Of course not.

There is a place and time for everthing, but the time and place of "Paul Third-Party" is not right now. There is a Republican nomination to win. Let's not call plays for the fourth quarter when we still have 2 minutes left in the 1st half.

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still not running as a 3rd party candidate

says Ron Paul on another radio interview today (Jack Heath in NH)


"no plans to do that" was RP's answer to Lou Dobbs'

question about a 3rd party run.

Interview here: