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"Ron Paul has the biggest, boldest ideas" ~10/28/11

says Jack Heath while interviewing Ron Paul today on New Hampshire's WTPL.


"On Friday, Rep. Ron Paul returned to WTPL's (Hillsborough, NH) New Hampshire Today radio show, to talk with Jack Heath about the campaign, a possible independent or 3rd party run, age as an issue in politics, and more."

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bump for those that haven't heard

the great radio interview from yesterday. Thank you Dr. Paul!

Wow, this was a GREAT and very cordial interview!

If more interviewers have this kind of demeanor and open-mindedness, Ron very well MAY win New Hampshire! This guy is obviously a fan of Ron's...and the campaign staff...lol.

Go, Ron, GO!

I'm the one..

who called in from Michigan the day before (who Jack cited in the interview). Should have called back in today to talk to the man! I'll post it sometime on the podcast, along with others who call in to challenge radio hosts about the Congressman. You should call some show, Deidre!

Thanks for posting...

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

cool. I should call a show sometime too

maybe the Jerry Doyle show...

btw, are they selling tickets to the Nov 9th debate in Michigan? It's in Rochester.


can someone record from the podcast and get on YT?

thank you

good interview today