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Tea Party, OWS & Blue Republicans: Is This Phase Change?

Tea Party, OWS & Blue Republicans: Is This Phase Change?
By Robin Koerner

Of all my articles to date, the one that drew the most attention made the simple claim that in the political and economic histories of nations, "phase changes" happen, and that one might be about to happen here in the USA. A phase change, which may happen once every few generations, causes a country begins to move down a dramatically different path that had been predicted by no one.

I wrote:

We cannot see past a phase change. I don't know if the U.S.A. will have undergone one at the time of the 2012 election, but the necessary conditions for one are all in place, as far as I can tell.

One has to reach back a good way in American history for a time of such rapidly rising sentiment that not only are our leaders unable even to think of real solutions to the problems of greatest concern (rather than just making expedient changes at the margin), but also that the prevailing political and economic system is structurally incapable of delivering any long-term solutions in its current form.

The rise of America's broadly non-partisan political movements increasingly support the hypothesis.
Solving a problem requires three things -- first, recognizing there is a problem; second, determining what the problem is, and third, working out an effective solution.

America's three most significant rising political groups outside the party system -- the Tea Party, the occupation of Wall Street, and Blue Republicans, are agreed that the prevailing economic and political paradigm is somehow responsible for a deep crisis and has to go. But what is really interesting -- and provides some insight into where we the USA may be heading -- is the area of so-far unacknowledged agreement among these groups regarding the nature of the problem, and its huge implications for American politics.

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